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Call of Duty Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts Review | An Average Ghost Story

by 8 Bit Briton February 10, 2014
Does Call of Duty: Ghosts live up to the annual shooter series' pedigree? TGF's 8 Bit Brit puts the Xbox One version to the test.
shadow sun background2

The Shadow Sun Review | Strong Roots, Wilted Leaves

by Matt Akerson January 20, 2014
The Shadow Sun comes from a pedigree of BioWare-caliber production, but it's not the innovative RPG you might think it is.

ys Memories of Celceta 01

Ys: Memories of Celceta Review | Portable RPG Addiction

by Ben Runningson December 9, 2013
Ys is a long running JRPG series that I’ve wanted to check out for quite some time, and with Memories of Celceta, I finally got a chance to. There’s a very clear reason why these games have a cult following: Memories of Celceta is a ton of fun. It may not be the best RPG […]


Zombie Crane Defense | Does it Squish the Competition?

by Nick Pinkertonon December 2, 2013
Featured Mobile Game
Zombie video games have gotten to the “dime a dozen” state. I can’t count the number of zombie games on a particular console with my two hands. Zombies can be plugged in for just about any type of game; there are zombie FPSs, strategy games, RPGs, and even tower defense games. TheSignCo Productions has taken […]

Super Mario 3D World Review | The Cat’s Pajamas

by Darrin Wrighton November 26, 2013
Is Super Mario 3D World the next great Mario game? Yes. Yes, it is.


Knack Review | How Does This Sony Launch Title Really Stack Up?

by Darrin Wrighton November 18, 2013
When Sony‘s PlayStation 4 launched last Friday, gamers had a wealth of digital exclusives and third-party titles to choose from, but slim pickings on the first-party retail exclusives: Killzone: Shadow Fall or Knack. You probably should’ve picked Killzone. That’s not to say Knack is bad — it’s just not going to set the world on […]


Batman: Arkham Origins Review | Has the Caped Crusader Worn His Welcome?

by Darrin Wrighton October 29, 2013
There’s an old expression: “You can never have too much of a good thing.” Whoever came up with that didn’t play Batman: Arkham Origins. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not that Batman: Arkham Origins is a bad game. It’s just that you’ve played it – and a better version of it – already. Batman: […]

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Review | Assemble

by Darrin Wrighton October 25, 2013
The Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and LEGO. What could go wrong? When LEGO Marvel Super Heroes was announced for practically every console in existence not named the Nintendo Wii, fans were stoked. After all, TT Games had done DC Comics fans proud with LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes. Did they do the same with […]


The Wolf Among Us Review | Bark at the Moon

by William Harmonon October 19, 2013
I’ll be honest, it took me some time to pick up Telltale’s first title, The Walking Dead. I had heard about how good it was, but it had been a long time since I’d gotten into point-and-click adventure games and I just wasn’t in that zone. Suffice to say when I DID pick it up […]
nhl 2

NHL 14 Review | Action Packed Classic

by Chris Calasahanon October 5, 2013
When people think of Hockey, some very obvious things come to mind, body-crushing hits and intense fist fights.  Hockey can very easily be considered to be the most violent of sports out there.  EA Sports hit this aspect of this game out of the park and it makes for a very fun gaming experience as every […]

wind waker title

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Review | Set Sail

by Darrin Wrighton September 23, 2013
Ten years ago, one of the most (initially) divisive releases in The Legend of Zelda series was released… and today, it’s exactly what the Wii U needs. I remember when Nintendo first unveiled The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and how outraged most gamers were since the GameCube exclusive looked absolutely nothing like what […]
killer is dead logo

Killer is Dead Review | Lifeless

by Ben Runningson September 18, 2013
Killer is Dead is the latest from Suda 51, creator of Killer7 and No More Heroes, and as a longtime fan of both those games, I was very excited for this game. However, since I’m not the only Suda 51 fan at The Game Fanatics, I talked Greg DeVries into reviewing the game with me. […]

Rayman Legends Review – Boy She Makes Me Sing (Bam-BA-Lam)

Rayman Legends Review | Boy She Makes Me Sing (Bam-BA-Lam)

by Jake Valentineon September 16, 2013
277 days. That’s how long I waited for Rayman Legends to release. Many of you will point out that the number seems extraordinarily large, but we have to remember that the game was supposed to be a launch title for the Wii U. It was then pushed back to a “launch window” type category before […]
Alien Iso

Alien: Isolation’s Season Pass and Survival Mode Trailer Surface from the Dark

by Max Delgadoon September 17, 2014
This morning, SEGA and Creative Assembly have revealed heaps of details on Alien: Isolation’s Season Pass and the all new terrifyingly intricate Survivor Mode.  Survivor Mode attempts to pit players against the Xenomorph as they are tasked with completing specific objectives with very few resources at hand. Can you get through the Hospital without using your motion tracker? What about […]
Destiny Guardian

Destiny Grosses over $325M Worldwide In First 5 Days

by Carlos Ovalleon September 17, 2014
Destiny is officially the best-selling new franchise launch of all time. It’s been announced by Activision Blizzard that Destiny has sold through more than $325 million worldwide in its first five days. Despite how many feel about Bungie’s latest epic, the sign of a new IP performing this well is always good news for gamers […]

Far Cry 4 Min

Far Cry 4’s Arena Mode Is a Fight For Survival

by Max Delgadoon September 17, 2014
It seems as though Ubisoft has taken a page out of the old gladiatorial days of ancient Rome for their upcoming open-world shooter, Far Cry 4. That’s right, Far Cry 4’s Arena Mode will pit the player in a massive colosseum filled with energetic crowds as you are forced to face off against Kyrat’s vicious locals and exotic […]

Just Dance 2015 | Full Track List Announced

by James Wynneon September 17, 2014
Love it or hate it, the Just Dance franchise has been popular since its launch in 2009, moving over 50 million copies worldwide. Ubisoft looks to continue this wildly successful dance game series with their latest iteration, Just Dance 2015. To this end, Ubisoft recently released the full track list for the upcoming game, which features […]

Assassin’s Creed: Unity Co-op “Heist” Demo | 5 Things We Learned

by Alena Alambeigion September 16, 2014
Ubisoft recently released a new video of an Assassin’s Creed: Unity Co-op “Heist” mission (above). We’ve seen some previous gameplay but in this recent video we get a better understanding of how heist missions will work with more than one player. Here are five things to know… Heist missions are semi-randomized. Enemies and treasure may […]


NBA 2K15 Asks Players “What If” With New Trailer

by Chris Calasahanon September 16, 2014
2K Sports has released a new trailer for the all new MyTeam mode for NBA 2K15. Players will be asked to assemble the greatest team ever.

Forza Horizon 2 Has Cars On Deck; VIP, Car Pass Announced

by Bryan Dupont-Grayon September 16, 2014
Who doesn’t love fast and furious cars racing along sunset tracks? Who doesn’t love seeing lavish, rich show-mobiles taking a few laps against husky, heavy muscle-types? Forza Horizon 2 has all of these things and more combined into one. With the game just inches away from release, Microsoft has announced that Forza fans will be […]

HALO Minecraft

Mine, All Mine – Microsoft Buys Minecraft Developer Mojang for $2.5 Billion

by Adam Shepherdon September 16, 2014
Microsoft confirmed the rumours that have been circulating over the past week or so and announced that the company has bought Minecraft developer Mojang for $2.5 billion. The sale was reportedly put into motion after Mojang and Microsoft’s collaboration in bringing Minecraft to the Xbox 360 in 2012, and though it includes all of the […]
nvidia shield

NVIDIA Opens Pre-Orders For Its SHIELD Gaming Tablet

by Tom Dearsleyon September 16, 2014
NVIDIA have made their new gaming tablet the NVIDIA SHIELD open for pre-order for an October 1st release. The NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet is to be released worldwide with two different variants, a 32gb LTE version and a 16gb Wi-Fi only model. The aerial technology for LTE within the device will be slightly different for the […]

PSA | Halo: Reach Is Now Free For Xbox Gold Subscribers

by Tom Dearsleyon September 16, 2014
As of right now you can download Halo: Reach for free with an Gold subscription on Xbox 360! Halo: Reach was the last game in the Halo universe to be developed by original creator Bungie before they parted ways with Microsoft to focus on the recently released Destiny. This, their fifth installment in the franchise […]


Watch Dogs: Bad Blood | It’s T-Bone’s Turn.

by James Wynneon September 16, 2014
Return to Chicago with everyone’s favorite ctOS engineer, Raymond “T-Bone” Kenney. Taking place shortly after the resolution of Aiden Pearce’s story, Watch Dogs: Bad Blood puts players in control of T-Bone as they enter an all new chapter in Watch Dogs. The latest gameplay trailer shows more of what you’re expect from Watch Dogs, but […]
maxresdefault (1)

Can Dying Light Become the Zombie Game of this Generation?

by Chris Angelon September 16, 2014
When Techland set out to make Dying Light, it was meant to be the sequel to their other zombie FPS/FPP, Dead Island. When they realized that the brand new features, massive open world, day & night cycle and design of the zombies were so different, they decided that Dying Light would have to be its own beast.  One […]

Super Smash Bros. 3DS | First Impressions

by Bryan Dupont-Grayon September 15, 2014
Last week, Nintendo unleashed Super Smash Bros. 3DS to Japan and announced that the game will be coming to us via demo this Wednesday. Us cool guys at The Game Fanatics got some first dibs on the demo and man did we play some awesome matches with it. Mario, Sonic, and the rest of Nintendo’s […]

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