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Is the Uncharted Series Dead?

Is the Uncharted Series Dead?

by Nick KeoganJuly 29, 2014

I had a conversation with fellow Uncharted fans and was so disappointed with them, that I had to make this video. In the video, I go over the reasons that the Uncharted series is not dead, but actually have an amazing opportunity to build characters and suck you into an ever-growing world.

I also go over improvements that the series can make to the game, in order for it to really be a “NEW” Uncharted. Of course there will be better graphics, but I’m talking about gameplay. Watch and comment!

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Nick Keogan
Nick Keogan
Nick has been with The Game Fanatics almost since it's origins. He has been in the industry for several years before that, with other sites. He is a married with kids type of gamer. Plays as much as he can, and spends time reading news in the video gaming industry. He is a Gaming Event specialist because of his experience in attending events. He is ALWAYS down to play some games.
  • This_Games_hero

    As far as the newly announced Ea Access, Sony said it did not accept the EA Access program because it felt it did not bring “good value”. That is bull! The PS Now is a freaking joke!!! With EA Access you pay 5 dollars a month and you have access to a bunch of games for unlimited time during that month. On the other hand with the PS Now you pay 5 dollars and you can only be play ONE GAME for 2 HOURS!!!! What a freaking joke!!!!

    • jb227

      “a bunch of games”? There are literally only 4 games on there, 2 of which are sports games, one of which is a small downloadable bubble shooting game. Maybe Sony was privy to more information about the service than we were and saw it for what it was, a waste of time & money. EA said more games would be coming but I guarantee there will never be more than 4 games at a time on the service. Playstation Now has the potential for much much more, and the final pricing hasn’t even been decided yet, so while it’s potential is still up in the air, EA’s streaming service is & will always be a joke.