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Ubisoft Ships Five Games For The US Launch Of PlayStation Vita System

Ubisoft Ships Five Games For The US Launch Of PlayStation Vita System

by Luis MendezFebruary 14, 2012

In support of the PlayStation Vita launch, Ubisoft shipped five games today for the handheld. Titles include many classic franchises such as Rayman: Origins, Dungeon Hunter Alliance, Lumines Electronic Symphony, Asphalt: Injection, and Michael Jackson The Experience. All of the games made sure to take advantage of the new controls introduced to the Vita such as gyroscope controls and touch controls.

One of the most popular game franchises of all time, Rayman came back for the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii not too long ago and now it’s making it’s debut in the next generation of portable gaming the PS Vita. Rayman: Origins includes over 60 levels, 100 new characters, and 6 new worlds to explore. Find secret levels and passages, lay the smack down on your enemies, collect lums, and zoom in on the action of Rayman’s new revamped High Defenition look with the Vita’s multi-touch controls. You can play as Rayman, Globox, or the Teensies in it’s rich solo campaign. If competition is more your game, race against your friends (or rivals) in Ghost Mode, where players compete to finish levels in the fastest time possible.

What’s that I hear? A new Lumines title to mesmerize you anywhere you go? Lumines Electronic Symphony is the first new Lumines title in over five years. By combining addictive block-dropping action, an all-new 3D graphics engine, and some of the staples of electronic music Electronic Symphony looks to entrance and amaze.

Continuing on with the music genre, Michael Jackson The Experience looks to create the most realistic dancing experience possible on a portable device. Follow the King of Pop through 15 magical journeys inspired by his music videos and short films with crisp HD graphics and sound.

The first action RPG to hit the Vita will be Dungeon Hunter Alliance (and rightfully so). Immerse yourself in an enchanting online multiplayer experience. Cast spells, switch weapons, and zoom in on the action with the new rear touch panel controls. The world of Gothicus includes hoards of evil creatures you can fight in main single player campaign or side quests. Bring friends, form teams of up to four heroes and let the hunting begin.

Asphalt: Injection the classic arcade title, made sure to take full advantage of the PS Vita’s controls. With the new dual analog sticks, gyroscope, and touch panel controls, you can make your way up the ranks in over 100 races and 10 different types of events in exotic locations, from Shanghai to Monte Carlo.

Ubisoft pushed out launch titles to make sure they hit almost every kind of gamer. From classic 2D sidescrolling action, action RPG’s, Racing, and Music titles. The launch titles for the Vita seem to be getting better as we get closer it’s release. Hopefully the titles only keep getting better with the Vita’s age.

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