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Ubisoft Contract Jeff Broadbent for the I Am Alive Soundtrack

Ubisoft Contract Jeff Broadbent for the I Am Alive Soundtrack

by David GeesonFebruary 15, 2012

A game like I Am Alive is heavily dependent on creating a strong sense of atmosphere, as such the games music will play a big part in that. With such importance put on the music, who do you get to do the work? A man like Jeff Broadbent  of course.

Jeff is no newcomer, he’s worked on AAA games such as Transformers: Dark of the Moon  as well as several scores forfilm and TV; including work for CBS, MSNBC, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic and VH1.

[quote]”Jeff Broadbent’s music for I Am Alive perfectly captures the atmosphere and emotion of the game. The music matches the creative direction.”  – Sergei Titarenko, Producer, Ubisoft Shanghai.[/quote]

The I Am Alive original score combines sublime ambiance, emotional intensity and thematic compositions to immerse players in this post-apocalyptic survival experience.  As composer Jeff Broadbent explains,

[quote]”A sense of environmental desolation was essential in crafting the aural landscapes of I Am Alive.  Because of this, the music often uses ethereal and sound-design inspired approaches, blending organic and synthetic elements to create the sonic imagery of devastation and abandonment within a crumbling city.  The quest of our unnamed protagonist to survive and protect the young girl Mei allowed for the use of poignant emotional themes and motifs.”[/quote]

I Am Alive launches March 7, 2012 exlcusively on XBLA as part of the Microsoft House Party promotion. The game will be released to the PlayStation Network later in the year.

To hear the main theme for the upcming game, as well as other work by Jeff Broadbent you can head to his website. There you’ll find a full portfolio of the composers stunning work!

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