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KickBeat SE Review | Everybody Loves Kung Fu Guitar Hero

by Sam Robinsonon September 20, 2014
Zen Studios’ latest title KickBeat has arrived on the PlayStation 4 and the Wii U this week in Special Edition form. How does it fare in a world of gaming that has largely moved away from the genre of rhythm games? Well, there’s kung fu.

Zen Studios Bringing Solitaire to the 3DS

by Jeff Smithon August 1, 2012
This week, you can play the classic game in 3D on the go.


E3 2012 | Construct and Conquer with CastleStorm on Xbox Live Arcade

by Michelle Quillenon June 4, 2012
The producer of the Pinball FX2 franchise, Zen Studios, has announced the newest game to power up their presence on the Xbox Live Arcade platform.

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Zen Studios To Release Marvel Pinball Based On The Avengers

by Chris Calasahanon May 4, 2012
With the release of the newest Hollywood blockbuster The Avengers, Zen Studios has capitalized on this released and has assembled The Avengers for their latest set of pinball tables.  These pinball tables have been heavily based on the upcoming film, and will make players fill in the shoes of their favorite heroes…well in customized Pinball form anyway, […]

Zen Pinball Makes its Way Onto the 3DS Next Week

by Catherine Caion January 5, 2012
Zen Pinball, Zen Studio’s take on the classic game, has already made its mark on the PlayStation 3, Android, and iOS. Building successfully off of a free-to-play model on mobile, where one table is offered for free as a sample of quality and the rest are offered as downloadable purchases. With its success on both […]

G-Spot Episode 44 | The V in VGA Stands for What?!

by Gspot Podcaston December 12, 2011
This special VGA episode of the podcast is hosted by Dajuan (@TGF_Dajuan) and covers everything you need to know about what went down at this weekend’s Video Game Awards on Spike TV. Peep the show notes down below. PS, if you’re diggin’ the new intro it was made my the one and only @Malik4Play.   […]


Release Your Inner Pinball Wizard With Zen Pinball 3DZen

by David Geesonon September 20, 2011
It’s time to pick up your 3DS and hit some old-school pinball action with Zen studios new title, Zen Pinball 3D. It features four distinct tables, each crafted with love and care by Zen studios, for you to show your pinball prowess: Earth Defense pits the player against hordes of hostile aliens as they try […]