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PAX East 2014 | The Sense of Discovery from Below

by Jake Valentineon April 12, 2014
Discover. Scavenge. Explore. These three words top the demo station for Below, the upcoming Capy title for Xbox One and Steam. After spending about fifteen minutes or so with the game, I learned just how adequate they were.
The Crew

The Crew by Ubisoft Will Be Rolling Into Stores This Autumn

by David Ketchieon April 8, 2014
Ubisoft has released a time frame for the racing title: The Crew. Due to hit shelves sometime this coming fall.

Fanatical Five | Top Five Reasons to Love Titanfall

Titanfall’s Matchmaking System Has Been Refined

by Chanté Goodmanon March 31, 2014
The Respawn Entertainment game Titanfall, which is available on PC and Xbox One, has opened up a beta playlist, allowing people to experience the new changes being made.


Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut Gets Dev Diary, Release Date

by Darrin Wrighton March 27, 2014
Space dogfighting and mech combat will soon be gracing the PS4 and the Xbox One, according to a new dev diary from Strike Suit Zero developer Born Ready Games.
Diablo 3, Reaper of Souls Should Come to Xbox One "Eventually"

Diablo 3, Reaper of Souls Should Come to Xbox One “Eventually”

by Jake Valentineon March 25, 2014
When Diablo 3 was first announced for consoles, the only release it was officially seeing was PlayStation 3. Eventually, the Xbox 360 earned its trip to hell as well. The same scenario is happening when it comes to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Strike Two

Strike Suit Zero Review | Defying Gravity

by Darrin Wrighton March 24, 2014
If there are two things I love, they’re robots and jets. Well, I love more than those two things, but combining those two are like combining chocolate and peanut butter. In the case of Strike Suit Zero, the peanut butter’s sometimes unexpectedly chunky instead of creamy, but still tasty.

Redbox Adding Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One to Rental Services

Redbox Adding Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One to Rental Services

by Jake Valentineon March 24, 2014
While the newest consoles have been available for anywhere between a few months to a year, renting games for your Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U have mainly involved one option: GameFly.
Fanatical Five | Top Five Reasons to Love Titanfall

Fanatical Five | Top Five Reasons to Love Titanfall

by Jake Valentineon March 22, 2014
Our Managing Editor, Darrin Wright, loved Titanfall and it’s not hard to understand why. Respawn Entertainment has developed an exciting, addicting, and enjoyable multiplayer experience. 


Titanfall 2 Could Drop on Non-Microsoft Platforms

by Darrin Wrighton March 20, 2014
Reports are circulating that Titanfall 2 is official (no surprise), to be published by EA (also no surprise) and will not be exclusive to Microsoft platforms (huh?). 

Hardware Issues Continue To Surface With Launch Day Xbox Ones

by Nick Keoganon March 20, 2014
I know there has been a lot of speculation with Xbox One hardware issues. Clicking disc drives, bricked boxes, so on and so forth. I haven’t heard much about it in a while, since the ones that were having issues have already been replaced. Some however, are finding that their Day One 2013 Xbox Ones, […]


26 New Markets Opening Up For The Xbox One

by Chanté Goodmanon March 18, 2014
What a time to own an Xbox.

Australia Getting Dedicated Titanfall Servers

by Darrin Wrighton March 14, 2014
Things are going to be getting better soon for Titanfall fans in Australia.


Titanfall Review | Falling in Love

by Darrin Wrighton March 13, 2014
Fanatical Choice!
If you’ve been online any amount of time in the past few months, you’ve seen hype for Titanfall. Well, the game’s here… did it live up to the colossal expectations everyone had for it?