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2K Releases Episode 2 Of ‘The Making Of WWE 2K15′

by Chris Calasahanon October 22, 2014
2K released episode two of  “The Making of WWE 2K15“. This behind-the-scenes look at the making of the upcoming wrestling title, WWE 2K15, features commentary from makers of the game and a lot of incite on the thoughts behind the development.
Halo MCC

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Goes Gold & Gets a Worldwide Release

by Max Delgadoon October 17, 2014
With just over three weeks until the launch of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Executive Producer Dan Ayoub of 343 Industries has officially announced that the game has officially gone gold. 


PS4 Continues Victory Lap, Wins US September Hardware Sales Despite Mediocrity

by Carlos Ovalleon October 17, 2014
Another month, another Sony victory in the console war and Microsoft’s attempts at cutting through with their free Destiny promotion proved futile.

Xbox One October Update

PSA: Xbox One October Update Now Live

by Matthew Shelharton October 16, 2014
Microsoft has rolled out the October Xbox One update and it is now currently available for download.

New Assassin’s Creed: Unity Trailer Showcases Interesting Set of Characters

by Carlos Ovalleon October 16, 2014
Assassin’s Creed: Unity looks to be filled to the brim with interesting characters with ambiguous motives.

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Fanatical 5 | Top 5 MIA Games for this New Generation

by Carlos Ovalleon October 16, 2014
Kind of strange isn’t it? We’re barely a year into these new consoles and yet there are already a couple of games that have strayed from the spotlight.

AC Bundle

Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Bundles Join the Holiday Line-Up

by Max Delgadoon October 15, 2014
Every holiday, a generously packaged console bundle surfaces from the depths. This holiday season, gamers will now have the option to get their hands on the Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Bundle and the Xbox One Assassin’s Creed Bundle with Kinect.
astro headsets

ASTRO Gamings New Headsets Are Perfect For Xbox One Audiophiles

by Tom Dearsleyon October 15, 2014
ASTRO’s A50 Wireless and A40 headsets have finally arrived for a truly personal 7.1 Surround experience on the Xbox One. 

The Scope of Dragon Age: Inquisition is Massive in this Epic New Trailer

by Carlos Ovalleon October 15, 2014
Dragon Age: Inquisition is looking better than ever. The last Dragon Age game may have left a sour taste behind but it looks like in Inquisition we’ll be waging huge battles and leading armies which is exactly what we want out of an epic action RPG. The battle for the accursed land of Thedas begins on […]
Final-Fantasy-Type-0 (1)

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is Fast, Furious, and Gorgeous

by Carlos Ovalleon October 11, 2014
Final Fantasy Type-0 originally came out as PSP title back in 2011 and ever since then, fans of the series have been clamoring for a western release. It’s finally going to happen as Final Fantasy Type-0 will come back in full HD worldwide in 2015, but will it be worth the wait?

The Problem With Digital Downloads and Consoles - We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

The Problem With Digital Downloads and Consoles – We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

by Jake Valentineon October 10, 2014
The issue surrounding limited storage space is something that’s not new for Wii U owners, but it’s quickly becoming a concern for the digital download crowd on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.
Halo MCC

Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s Achievements Revealed

by Max Delgadoon October 10, 2014
Back in the summer of this year, Halo: The Master Chief Collection was announced at E3. Executive Producer Dan Ayub revealed that the game would be the first Xbox One title to feature a total of 4,000 GamerScore. Well, today marks the unveiling of that monstrous achievement list.

Halo MCC

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Playlists Revealed & The Future of the Series

by Max Delgadoon October 10, 2014
Spotted over on the web earlier this week, news of the Multiplayer playlists for Halo: The Master Chief Collection have finally surfaced. As of now, the planned playlists are looking great!