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Occulus Rift Controller

Sixense Announces Controller For Oculus Rift

by Breezyon June 28, 2013
With the creation of the Oculus Rift, virtual reality applications have increased significantly along with the quality of them. To the point where a new type of controller is necessary to fully immerse the player in these virtual worlds. And the company to answer this call is non other than Sixense; the makers of Razer’s Hydra for PlayStation’s Move and Portal 2 in Motion. Sixense have decided to grab the bull by […]

Sony is Bringing the Gold to Your Hands

by Jennifer Kibbleon June 15, 2012
Microsoft recently launched a new line of chrome controllers for the XB360 this past May. They look shiny and are a nice accessory for anyone in the market for a new wireless controller. Sony is now doing the same thing, as far as releasing their own new wireless controller, a gold metallic one.


New Special Edition Chrome Controllers for Xbox 360 Available Mid-May

by Marisa Sundellon April 4, 2012
New chrome controllers will be available Mid-May for Xbox 360.


CES 2012: SteelSeries Introduces the Ion – Wireless Gaming Controller

by David Geesonon January 10, 2012
Steel Series is one of the leading manufacturer of PC peripherals, known for their high quality and customer-friendly pricing. Today they announced a new product in their line-up, aimed both at the PC market as well as expanding to the ever expanding mobile gaming market. In partnership with Zeemote Technology, Steel Series today announced the […]