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Super Smash Bros. | Three New Fighters Enter the Arena

by Matthew Shelharton July 15, 2014
Nintendo has announced three playable characters that will enter the arena in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS.

Indie Corner | 1,001 Spikes

by Chris Calasahanon July 7, 2014
Indie games are usually taken for granted by the typical gamer.  Usually perceived as sub-par titles to whatever next-gen smash is popular at the moment.  But Indie Games are the result of hard work of developers pursuing their dreams of putting out great games without having a big-time budget.  Here at the Indie Corner, writers at The Game Fanatics will present some Indie games that might be worth […]

Super Smash Bros WiiU 3DSE3 2014 The Game Fanatics

E3 2014 | Hands on With Super Smash Bros. for the Wii-U Left Us Hungry For More

by Ben Runningson June 18, 2014
One of the best games I played at E3 was Super Smash Bros. , without question. As a longtime fan that has put hundreds of hours into the series, Smash is back in a big way.

bayonetta 2

E3 2014 | Hands on With Bayonetta 2 And the Nintendo-Exclusive Features

by Ben Runningson June 17, 2014
Bayonetta was one of the best third person fighting games of our time. Bayonetta 2 looks to take this fast paced over the top action game to the next level and after playing it at E3, I couldn’t be more pleased.
sonic boom

E3 2014 | Sega Missed the Mark With Sonic Boom, and That’s a Shame

by Ben Runningson June 17, 2014
I grew up playing the Sonic games on Genesis so I look forward to every new entry in the series. This time around, I won’t even be giving it much thought at after my hands on with Sonic Boom at E3.

NintendoE3 2014 The Game Fanatics

E3 2014 | Nintendo’s Long List of Playable Games on the Show Floor

by Ben Runningson June 16, 2014
Nintendo had a lot of games as this year’s E3 so here’s our recap of (almost) everything Nintendo had to play on the E3 show floor.


E3 2014 | Hyrule Warriors Will Release This September

by Sam Robinsonon June 10, 2014
Nintendo released a brand new gameplay trailer at E3 for upcoming, now finalized title, Hyrule Warriors. The game will debut exclusively for the Wii U on September 26th.
amiibo 2

E3 2014 | Nintendo’s Amiibo To Rival Skylanders

by Tom Dearsleyon June 10, 2014
Nintendo enters the interactive toy add-on market with Amiibo!


E3 2014 | Secret Projects Rumored, Star Fox Coming To Wii U

by Chanté Goodmanon June 10, 2014
Time Magazine has reported that Shigeru Miyamoto has announced they are working on bringing Star Fox to the Wii U.
yoshi wooly

E3 2014 | Yoshi’s Woolly World For Wii U Detailed

by Tom Dearsleyon June 10, 2014
Yoshi gets his own game! Nintendo shows off a trailer at E3 2014 for Yoshi’s Woolly World.


E3 2014 | Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Revealed for Wii U

by Tom Dearsleyon June 10, 2014
Nintendo unveiled a sequel to 2005′s Canvas Curse at E3 2014 titled Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

E3 2014 | Make Your Own Mario Levels With Mario Maker

by Kate Reedon June 10, 2014
Mario Maker for Wii U was announced during Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event.

mario kart 8_56

Mario Kart 8 Review | Wii U’s Drought Ender

by Ben Runningson June 8, 2014
Mario Kart 8 is a true return to form. After the last console entry underwhelmed, Nintendo has unleashed this kart racing giant onto the struggling Wii U. If you were ever a fan of the series, you must play Mario Kart 8. It is, ignoring the battle mode, the most complete and comprehensive Mario Kart […]