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Salt Lake Comic Con 2014 | Video Teaser and Tips

by Nick Keoganon July 31, 2014
Now that San Diego Comic Con is over, you can now prepare for Salt Lake Comic Con. September 4-6, 2014 at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Comic Con plans to break new records

Amie Lynn is One of Our Favorite Cosplayers, See Why in This Interview

by William Harmonon January 21, 2014
One of the coolest moments for us last year at PAX Prime was getting to interview Amie Lynn. Most of you probably know her as a YouTube personality or cosplayer, we know her as a die-hard video game fanatic.

We Go Hands on With Klei Entertainment’s New Turn-Based Tactical Game, Invisible, Inc

by William Harmonon January 18, 2014
At PAX Prime last year we got the chance to get some dope hands-on action with Klei Entertainment’s latest game, Invisible, Inc (previously Incognita). We had a blast, got it all on video, just for you.


Going Hands on with Beyond: Two Souls

by William Harmonon October 1, 2013
To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Beyond: Two Souls.

Gamescom 2013 | Murdered: Soul Suspect Trailer

by Jason Chestnuton August 24, 2013
Square Enix has released a new trailer for their forthcoming supernatural crime thriller.


Nintendo Brings More Info on Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

by William Harmonon August 10, 2013
So a new video released by Nintendo is shedding some light on new content on the latest Zelda title, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Everything from the existence of a shadowy triforce, a new world, a new Link, and new mechanics, this title is looking to be an extremely solid addition to […]


Batman: Arkham Origins Teaser Trailer!

by Jason Chestnuton May 17, 2013
The teaser trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins has finally arrived! We finally get our first glimpse of a young Dark Knight in action in Warner Bros. Games Montreal’s highly anticipated prequel. This is actually a teaser for a teaser with the full trailer that will be released on the game’s official Facebook page on May 20. Take […]

Watch 17 Minutes of the Yakuza 5 Demo Gameplay

by Charles Powerson November 27, 2012
More video of Sega’s upcoming open-world action-adventure game, Yakuza 5. This time it’s a 17 minute gameplay demo of the Japanese version of Yakuza 5.


Hitman Absolution: Introducing Disguises Trailer

by Joel Ramirezon October 19, 2012
The time is almost here for Agent 47 to continue his work.

New ZombiU Dev Diary Released

by Logan Myeron October 5, 2012
Ubisoft has released a new entry into their video series for their upcoming Wii U shooter, ZombiU, and it is available online for viewing. 


Sleeping Dogs Demo Is Now Available

by Logan Myeron August 22, 2012
Last week, Sleeping Dogs was released for consoles and PC. Now the demo is available for everyone to download.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Xenos Vs Marines Trailer

by Logan Myeron August 9, 2012
Sega has unveiled another behind the scenes trailer for their upcoming game, Aliens: Colonial Marines. 


Aliens: Colonial Marines Behind The Scenes Trailer

by Logan Myeron August 2, 2012
Sega has released an all-new video showcasing their upcoming game, Aliens: Colonial Marines. Experience a behind the scenes look into the making of this sci-fi shooter with insights from the developers over at GearBox Software.