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Game Fanatics Show Ep. 32 – PAX Prime Recap and Attack of the Handhelds: Pokemon X/Y and PS Vita Slim/TV

by Arnellon September 12, 2013
PAX Prime 2013 didn’t stop the TGF crew. We talk PAX Prime and the latest in handhelds for Pokemon X/Y and the PS Vita Slim/TV.

Game Fanatics Show Ep. 31 – PAX Prime Cometh! And That GameStop Expo Thing

by Arnellon August 29, 2013
We return after a long hiatus and talk about the upcoming GameStop Expo and PAX Prime 2013.


Game Fanatics Show Ep. 30 – Recap of Evo 2013 and Saints Row IV Preview

by Arnellon July 18, 2013
We talk a lot about fighting and saints that run the streets in Episode 30 of The Game Fanatics Show.


Game Fanatics Show Ep. 29 – Microsoft Xbox 179

by Arnellon July 3, 2013
Episode 29 of the TGFShow brings you tons of Microsoft talk; DRM reversal and Don Mattrick leaving.

Game Fanatics Show Ep. 28 – Wii U VS Xbox One VS PS4. A Week After E3, Where Are We?

by Arnellon June 20, 2013
Episode 28 of The Game Fanatics Show is our E3 2013 wrap up.


Game Fanatics Show Ep. 27 – Season 3, Comicpalooza 2013 Wrapup, E3 2013 Predictions

by Arnellon June 6, 2013
Episode 27 starts Season 3 of The Game Fanatics Show. Charles and Ryan are no longer playing co-op. TGF Show is now multiplayer.

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Game Fanatics Show Ep. 26 – Recap of Sony’s Playstation 4 Announcement

by Arnellon February 21, 2013
We end season 2 of The Game Fanatics Show with Sony’s big announcement.
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Game Fanatics Show Ep. 25 – Valentine’s Day For Gamers, RIP Aliens: Colonial Marines, and Our Perfect Console

by Arnellon February 14, 2013
Episode 25 of The Game Fanatics Show is a highly emotionally charged one. We feel love, remorse, regret, anger, and hope…and of course overall happiness.

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Game Fanatics Show Episode 24 – PS4 Specs Leaked, But What We Really Want Is…

by Arnellon February 7, 2013
Episode 24 of The Game Fanatics Show! In this episode, Charles and Ryan talk extensively about Sony’s tease of the PS4 and what they hope comes from it.
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Game Fanatics Show Episode 23 – Top 5 Games of 2013, THQ’s Future, & Nintendo Direct

by Arnellon February 1, 2013
Episode 23 is a packed show so strap yourselves, get a beverage, and soak it all in.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y580

Lenovo IdeaPad Y580 Review

by Arnellon January 7, 2013
Charles reviews the IdeaPad Y580 by Lenovo.

CES 2013

CES 2013 Predictions

by Arnellon January 7, 2013
Charles and Ryan discuss what they think will be seen at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.