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Valve’s Mann Vs. Machine Has Gone Live

by Chris Calasahanon August 16, 2012
On August 15th,, Valve (responsible for some video gaming’s’ best-selling games: Half-Life, Portal, Left 4 Dead and Counter-Strike) is releasing a new co-operative title for it’s free-to-play online game Team Fortrees 2.

Incredible Mass Effect 3 Scenes Created In Source Filmmaker

by Breezyon July 25, 2012
Twenty four hours haven’t even passed yet since my last post about Valves Source Film Maker (SFM), when we received these beautiful images in our inbox, created from… you guessed it, Valves SFM.


Source Film Maker Enables Users to Make Awesome Parodies

by Breezyon July 25, 2012
I’m starting to believe that age old saying: “If you build it, they will come.” Not even a month after Valve released the Source Film Maker (SFM) people have begun to recreate their favorite movie scene with the characters from Team Fortress 2.


Team Fortress 2 | Pyromania Has Begun!

by Luis Mendezon June 26, 2012
Pyromania has been kicked off by the Team Fortress 2 team over at Valve. Pyromania will be a 3 day celebration that will feature the reveal of new game features for TF2, among them being new game modes.

E3: Quantum Conundrum Gets PC Date Plus a New Trailer

by Jennifer Kibbleon June 1, 2012
This summer, Kim Swift, who is the co-creator of Portal, will launch Quantum Conundrum for the PsN, XBLA later this summer and on June 21st, it will appear on Steam. If you love quirky puzzles and messing around with zany inventions, this game is for you!

Press Start

TGF Press Start: Week Ending October 30

by Jennifer Kibbleon October 31, 2011
This is a weekly segment where we share what games we are currently playing for our readers to get to know us a bit better. Said games can range from retro to current and from casual to FPS games. If we’re playing it, we’ll share it. Please feel free to comment with what your playing […]


Team Fortress 2 Goes Free-to-Play

by Christopher Ellison June 24, 2011
If you’re a Team Fortress 2 player, or even just frequent the site for their humorous updates, then you may have noticed the recent string of game updates, the Uber Update, which has released new gear for multiple classes. Updates are nothing new to TF2, in fact, over 200 have been released to some degree […]