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the last of us remastered

The Last of Us Remastered Screenshots Emerge

by James Marshon July 21, 2014
New screenshots from the upcoming PS4 rerelease of The Last of Us, entitled the Last of Us Remastered, have emerged of it running on the PS4.

Sony Unleashes Two-Game Bundles for 10 Bucks For PlayStation 3

by Bryan Dupont-Grayon July 15, 2014
Sony is answering back to Microsoft’s week of strikingly low deals by stepping it up a bit further in how they deliver price drops to various titles.

Europe is Getting a Driveclub PlayStation 4 Bundle

Europe is Getting a Driveclub PlayStation 4 Bundle

by Jake Valentineon July 8, 2014
Driveclub, the one-time PlayStation 4 launch game that has now been delayed until October, is being bundled with the console in Europe.


Sony Comments on Xperia Android L Updates

by James Marshon July 3, 2014
We contacted Sony for a comment regarding which Xperia handsets will get an upgrade to Android L and we received the following as a response.

Firmware Update for PS4 and PS3 Now Available

by Alex Androskion June 28, 2014
Sony announced Firmware Update Version 1.72 for the PlayStation 4 was available, earlier this week. The update is 194MB.


Blue PS4 Controller To Be Available In the United States This Fall

by Chris Calasahanon June 25, 2014
Sony has announced that the Wave Blue PlayStation 4 controller is set to be available in the United States this Fall.  No update from Sony yet if the Magma Red controller will make its way to the States.  At the moment these colorways are only available in Japan.


Dead Rising Digital Film in the Works

by Kate Reedon June 20, 2014
Dead Rising is next in the video game world to get a film adaptation. The film will be shown on Sony‘s video service Crackle, similar to how Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn was a digital film as well.

PlayStation 4 to Preload Pre-Orders Next Week.

by Bryan Dupont-Grayon June 19, 2014
Sony has announced yesterday on their PlayStation blog that the company will be rolling out a preloading feature for all PlayStation 4 consoles in the U.S.

PS4 Where Greatness Plays E3 2014 - Game Fanatics (1)

E3 2014 | PlayStation’s Indie Highlights

by Ben Runningson June 16, 2014
These aren’t all the indie games Sony had on display at E3 2014 but they are some of the most notable or some that we want to highlight.
axiom verge

E3 2014 | Axiom Verge Was the Hidden Gem of the Show

by Ben Runningson June 16, 2014
Axiom Verge isn’t just a game in the Metroidvania style, it is a Metroid game. Firstly, the art nails the Metroid look almost better than Nintendo.

ps4 e3

E3 2014 I Sony Playstation Press Conference Review

by Carlos Ovalleon June 11, 2014
This is E3 2014. One year since Sony went on stage and won the crowd over with their winning policies and a competitive price point.  Sales have gone through the roof since then and have made Sony’s PS4 the leader in hardware sales as Microsoft continues to tail behind.

E3 2014 | Far Cry 4 Gameplay

by Kate Reedon June 9, 2014
E3 2014's Sony press conference brought a look at Far Cry 4 gameplay, different than what was shown at Ubisoft's conference.


E3 2014 | Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Caps Sony’s E3 Lineup

by Alex Androskion June 9, 2014
The closing announcement in any large, multi-subject press conference is typically a position of honor, a big exciting thing to surprise the crowd and send them home happy.