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Give Back During the SMITE Challenge for Charity

by Katerina Perichon September 20, 2013
One of the best things about online communities and gaming is the ability to give back while doing something that we love.  Hi-Rez Studios, the studio behind the hit PC game SMITE, is holding a 24-hour live stream and e-sports event to help benefit Child’s Play and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Poseidon Revealed as the newest God in SMITE

by William Harmonon March 1, 2013
In a genre dominated by so many big name games, it’s easy to sometimes miss the latest news concerning Hi Rez studio’s MOBA: SMITE. Not today though. Today Poseidon was revealed as the latest god to join the ranks of SMITE’s pantheon. With his brothers, Zeus and Hades, already established characters, Followers of the game […]


Smite Patch Brings Hercules To The Battlefield

by William Harmonon January 10, 2013
So ladies and gents, today Smite received a large patch, including balance changes, bug fixes, and most notably the addition of Rome’s mightiest warrior Hercules.


Smite God Reveal: Freya, Queen of the Valkyries

by William Harmonon October 19, 2012
HiRez has introduced a new God to their 3rd person MOBA title: Smite. The latest addition to the pantheon of Gods that Smite presents Freya, the Queen of the Valkyries. She’s an interesting take on melee fighters as she’s based around magic power rather than attack damage. Freya has melee damage steroids, ranged attacks, AoE […]

SMITE and MANOFWAR Combine Forces!

by Seth Brownon September 28, 2012
You may remember that yours truly played SMITE for one The Game Fanatics’ Game Nights.  As it so happened, we really enjoyed the game and thought it was a fresh take on the MOBA genre.  But was it missing a key element? Check after the break to find out!


Smite | Introducing Anhur (Video)

by Jason Chestnuton August 7, 2012
Hi-Rez Studios has revealed the latest god available for their forthcoming online battleground game, Smite. In this new trailer we get our first look at Anhur, the lion-headed Egyptian god of war. Check out the trailer: Smite is an upcoming free-to-play online battleground where you pit different gods against one another. Developed by Hi-Rez studios, […]

Press Start

What We Played | July 30 – Aug 5

by Jennifer Kibbleon August 6, 2012
This is a weekly segment where we share what games we are currently playing for our readers to get to know us a bit better.

Hi-Rez’s Smite is Going Strong

by William Harmonon July 3, 2012
This weekend got a bit busy. I was intending to write an article about Hi-Rez’s new take on the MOBA genre: Smite. But I found myself just too busy. Too busy actually playing Smite.


Smite’s Beta Begins June 1st, Registration Still Open

by Jake Valentineon May 16, 2012
A funny thing happened yesterday when I played Tribes: Ascend during Diablo III‘s downtime: I was informed that Smite‘s beta begins June 1st.

Smite Introduces Sobek, Egyptian God of the Nile

by William Harmonon April 26, 2012
Hi-Rez Studios has announced another champion for their 3rd-person MOBA game Smite. This time, we see Sobek, the God of the Nile.


Hi-Rez Studios Gives Us One Hell of a Game in Smite

by William Harmonon April 17, 2012
Hi-Rez Studios has released some new images and video for their new game Smite. A MOBA game, Smite has taken the genre in some new directions. It’s been gotten a lot of people talking, here and elsewhere, and we’ve already discussed not only how awesome we think this game will be, but how fun the […]

PAX – A Persistent Focus on Competitive Gaming

by William Harmonon April 13, 2012
There were a few themes that ran through this year’s PAX East. Several new MMOs were showcased, and the MOBA genre is getting visibly more popular. One of the largest consistent stances across the show floor, however, was an enthusiastic focus on the part of developers to cater to the e-sports crowd. E-sports, or simply […]

Best of PAX East Featured Image

The Game Fanatics Best Of PAX East 2012

by Jake Valentineon April 13, 2012
It wasn’t easy and we didn’t agree on everything, but somehow we’ve found a way to come up with our picks for the best of the best that we’ve seen this year at PAX East 2012. Please note that each title can only be mentioned in one category. We’ll be continuing more PAX East 2012 coverage […]