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Mars War Logs Coming in Spring 2013

by Katerina Perichon February 19, 2013
Embark on a fantastical journey to the Red Planet in this new Sci-Fi RPG known as Mars War Logs, developed by Spider Studios.  

This Dead Space 3 Isaac Clarke Statue Is Really Really Awesome

by Jeff Smithon December 22, 2012
In Dead Space 3, Isaac Clarke will have to endure some very frigid weather on top of the deadly necromorphs. Luckily, he has just the suit for that, and you can own one as well with this great statue from ARTFX.

Bruce Willis; Summer Qing

Fanatical Exclusive | Summer Qing of Box Office Hit LOOPER Talks to TGF

by Michelle Quillenon October 15, 2012
The season of heat waves, backyard barbecues and hitting up the beach may be over, but Summer Qing, who stars as Bruce Willis’s character’s wife in sci-fi thriller Looper, is just getting started.


Aliens: Colonial Marines Xenos Vs Marines Trailer

by Logan Myeron August 9, 2012
Sega has unveiled another behind the scenes trailer for their upcoming game, Aliens: Colonial Marines. 

Aliens: Colonial Marines Behind The Scenes Trailer

by Logan Myeron August 2, 2012
Sega has released an all-new video showcasing their upcoming game, Aliens: Colonial Marines. Experience a behind the scenes look into the making of this sci-fi shooter with insights from the developers over at GearBox Software.


Game Night – July 14, 2012 – EVE Online – 6pm EST

by Seth Brownon July 14, 2012
Ok, it’s late notice, I know. I’ve been busy! But I’ll be streaming EVE Online this Saturday, the 14th of July at 6pm EST on our TwitchTV account!


Why I Can’t Quit Eve Online

by Seth Brownon July 2, 2012
I sit, nervously waiting, with my hands on the controls.  I listen intently, but all I can hear is my ragged breathing.  My head is on a constant swivel, urgently searching the space around me for enemies; searching to make sure I’m in my assigned position.  The call goes out, “I’ve got point! Bridge is […]

Warframe – Reserve Your Alias Now

by Luis Mendezon June 25, 2012
The upcoming Free-to-Play game from Digital Extremes got a stopped motion trailer released today. You can check out the trailer down below.


Screenshots Released for Upcoming Sci-Fi MMORPG Line of Defense

by Michelle Quillenon April 4, 2012
Independent game developer 3000AD Inc. has released five new screens from Line of Defense, a sci-fi game that pits soldiers of a Galactic Command (GALCOM) against other military bases spanning four continents on the planet Lyrius. The fifteenth of 3000AD’s PC games to date, Line of Defense is a first and third-person MMORPG that allows […]

Artist Ralph McQuarrie Leaves a Legacy at Age 82

by Michelle Quillenon March 4, 2012
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Artist and Designer Ralph McQuarrie, known for his contribution to the Star Wars Trilogy, Cocoon, E.T., Batteries Not Included, and Battlestar Galactica, has passed at the age of 82. McQuarrie’s influence will be celebrated by countless fans who continue to honor his conceptual artwork, the innovative movements, and memorable creations that set the standard […]


Star Wars: Battlefront III Rumors – Here We Go Again

by Jake Valentineon February 7, 2012
I thought this rumor was squashed…guess not. Multiple sources are reporting that developer Spark Unlimited is currently working on the third entry in the Star Wars: Battlefront series. While this rumor is somewhat old, we now have some proof. First, there’s this job listing: Spark is looking for a senior combat designer for a 3rd Person […]

Comikaze Announces Pre-Release Party For Victoria Foyt’s Groundbreaking YA Novel, Save the Pearls Part One REVEALING EDEN

by John Sylvesteron October 25, 2011
The Comikaze Expo has announced a Pre-Release party for Author and Actress Victoria Foyt’s new YA novel,  Save The Pearls Part One – Revealing Eden.   [quote]In Save the Pearls Part One REVEALING EDEN, which is being published by Sand Dollar Press, Foyt examines the themes of beauty, racism and the deteriorating environment in an entertaining […]


Macken Movie Update – Apollo 18 Trailer surfaces

by Samon February 19, 2011
Just in case you did not know about this film, it depicts a surreal theory of why humanity never went passed Apollo 17. The Apollo missions to the moon were the biggest steps humanity has taken to contact with another species, but unfortunately all we found was dust and rocks. We’ll at least this is […]