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Valve Offers Quakecon Themed Bundle On Steam

by Jake Valentineon August 4, 2012
Looking to pick up a bunch of id Software and Bethesda games for pretty cheap? Valve has you covered.

QuakeCon 2012 Steam Sale is Kinda Nuts

by William Harmonon August 3, 2012
I imagine most people who frequent this site know that Steam Sales are a big deal. I’ve got bills to pay, but when the guys over at Steam put on a sale, I find myself just throwing money at them.

Press Start

Press Start: What We Played for the Last Week of 2011 Plus a Look Back

by Jennifer Kibbleon January 2, 2012
This is a weekly segment where we share what games we are currently playing for our readers to get to know us a bit better. Said games can range from retro to current and from casual to FPS games. If we’re playing it, we’ll share it. Please feel free to comment with what your playing […]


RAGE Demo Hits Xbox Live

by Charles Powerson November 22, 2011
What’s all the RAGE  about? Well hop on Xbox Live to find out, as the demo is now on there. The Ghost Clan, a cult of murderous fanatics, has infiltrated the waterworks beneath the town of Wellspring with plans to poison the water supply. You are the only one with the weapons, talent and courage to stop […]

NVIDIA Releases GeForce 285.62 WHQL Drivers

by Breezyon October 25, 2011
Nvidia released today a new GeForce WHQL Driver, these new drivers look to fix the issues players have been experiencing while playing Batman: Arkham City, Battlefield 3, and Rage. These drivers bundle together all the enhancements and updates contained within the 285.27 and 285.38 beta releases, in addition to new SLI and 3D Vision profiles […]

Press Start

TGF Press Start: Week Ending October 23

by Jennifer Kibbleon October 24, 2011
We here at The Game Fanatics would love for our readers to get to know us a little better. With this in mind, today we’re launching The Game Fanatics Press Play! This will be a weekly segment where we share what games we are currently playing. Said games can range from retro to current and […]


RAGE On PC: A Love/Hate Relationship

by Jake Valentineon October 8, 2011
Our RAGE review will be coming on Monday, due to the fact that my computer’s PSU blew up and took my motherboard with it. Now, ironically, I haven’t had any issues that other PC gamers seem to be having, especially ATI owners, with their video card drivers not getting along with the game, causing all sorts […]

RAGE Littered With PC Bugs

by Jake Valentineon October 4, 2011
                    While my fellow colleague John is lucky enough to be enjoying RAGE, I’m having several textural issues. “Okay, big deal, fix your PC,” you might say. First, let me assure you that there’s nothing wrong with my computer. Second, allow me to demonstrate that I am […]


This Week In Games

by Jake Valentineon October 3, 2011
You hear that sound? That’s the sound of the holiday season rapidly approaching. It begins, like the leaves of autumn falling from trees, all at once. Before you know it, your green lawn is covered with red, brown, and yellow. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at this week’s marquee releases: – Dark Souls (360, […]
Top 5 Games October 2011

Top 5 Games Fanatics Are Looking Forward To (October 2011)

by Charles Powerson October 1, 2011
We conducted a survey a few days back asking what games you, our readers, are looking forward to most in the month of October. The results did surprise us, especially what took the number 1 spot! Read on after the break for the list accompanied by trailers of the games.


Steam Users Can Now Pre-Load RAGE

by Jake Valentineon September 30, 2011
When a game is going to take up a whopping 25 gigs of hard drive space, you might want to get on any chance you get to pre-load the game ahead of time. Steam users now have that option to pre-load the upcoming id Software shooter. With a release date of October 4th, RAGE is the first new […]

Hype Machine: An Hour With Rage

by Christopher Ellison August 27, 2011
I found myself sitting in front of a screen with a pair of headphones on, wondering what was going to befall me. I was given an hour today to play Rage, the game id Software has been working on for about four years now. Now, I’ve been keeping myself in the dark about this game […]


No Classic Deathmatch Experience In Rage

by Tom Bearshawon August 12, 2011
As the creators of the online deathmatch which so many online gamers are accustomed to, it would be assumed that id would be continuing with this style of online play. However, they are going in a different direction with the multiplayer in the upcoming game Rage, which now involves vehicles. Tim Willits, id’s Creative Director, […]