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Microsoft Announces Xbox One Release Date

by Billy "GrimJak" VanVorston September 4, 2013
Microsoft announced early this morning that the Xbox One will be available in 13 countries on November 22, one week after the launch of the PlayStation 4.

Pax Prime | Hands on with Beyond Two Souls

by William Harmonon August 31, 2013
PAX Prime has a lot to see. I mean a lot. Hundreds of companies all trying to make their products stand out. So what you see first says something about what you’re looking for at the show. For me, the first stop was at the PlayStation booth to get my hands on Beyond Two Souls.


InFAMOUS: Second Son | Smoke and Mirrors Dev Diary

by Darrin Wrighton August 2, 2013
The folks at the PlayStation Blog are at it again, releasing another developer diary on InFAMOUS: Second Son, coming early next year to the PlayStation 4.


What’s next for Naughty Dog?

by Henry Hollawayon July 23, 2013
You might have heard that The Last of Us came out recently, but was its phenomenal success expected? Yes, and it might mean more to the developer than you think.

Stealth Inc. Infiltrates the PSN Soon!

by Henry Hollawayon July 11, 2013
The newest indie game for PS3 and Vita Stealth Inc., previously named Stealth Bastard, comes out


The PlayStation Store Goes Big in July

by Henry Hollawayon July 1, 2013
Starting July 2nd, the PlayStation Network’s annual Summer sale takes effect.


Torn on Media Molecule’s Tearaway

by Henry Hollawayon June 17, 2013
Media Molecule’s newest title looks good on paper, but I can’t decide if I really want Tearaway or if it will neatly fall into my stack of Vita games that I’ll never get around to playing.

E3 2013 | The Walking Dead 400 Days DLC Announced

by Henry Hollawayon June 11, 2013
After teasing multiple times, Tell Tale Games has officially announced the next segment in their zombie episodic.


Sony Confirms Vita Remote Play for PS4 Games

by Katerina Perichon May 31, 2013
According to a “trusted developer source”, there is (finally) a brighter future and some exciting news for all PlayStation Vita owners; apparently, Sony has asked all developers to include remote play functionality in their PS4 games, allowing players to play PlayStation 4 games remotely via their PlayStation Vita systems!  

After Yesterday’s Xbox Event, I Officially Believe in Ghosts

by Katerina Perichon May 22, 2013
I watched the Xbox Reveal yesterday because I didn't want to miss a single second of the Call of Duty: Ghosts reveal.


PlayStation Vita to Stream PS4 Games

by Henry Hollawayon May 21, 2013
During Sony’s February press event it was revealed that Gaikai was acquired to stream gaming to multiple devices, and Sony’s updated site suggests that the PlayStation Vita will play most, if not all of the PS4’s titles.

PS3 Legacy Bundle Priced at $299

by Luis Mendezon May 8, 2013
With the alleged release of the PS4 in the near future, a purported PS3 Legacy Bundle priced at $299 has been announced


Meet the PS4’s Controller

by Darrin Wrighton April 25, 2013
Developers seem eager to make games for the PS4.