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Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition Now Available

by Jeff Smithon April 2, 2014
Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, previously an exclusive title for 3DS and Vita, joins its big brothers on home consoles today with a few bonuses.
Fanatical Five | Top Five Reasons to Love Titanfall

Titanfall’s Matchmaking System Has Been Refined

by Chanté Goodmanon March 31, 2014
The Respawn Entertainment game Titanfall, which is available on PC and Xbox One, has opened up a beta playlist, allowing people to experience the new changes being made.


Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut Gets Dev Diary, Release Date

by Darrin Wrighton March 27, 2014
Space dogfighting and mech combat will soon be gracing the PS4 and the Xbox One, according to a new dev diary from Strike Suit Zero developer Born Ready Games.

Strike Two

Strike Suit Zero Review | Defying Gravity

by Darrin Wrighton March 24, 2014
If there are two things I love, they’re robots and jets. Well, I love more than those two things, but combining those two are like combining chocolate and peanut butter. In the case of Strike Suit Zero, the peanut butter’s sometimes unexpectedly chunky instead of creamy, but still tasty.

WildStar Now Available for Pre-Order

by Matthew Gonzales-Landryon March 19, 2014
WildStar is the kind of game that needs very little introduction. Since it was announced, it’s been dominating the minds of MMORPG heads all over the world.


Australia Getting Dedicated Titanfall Servers

by Darrin Wrighton March 14, 2014
Things are going to be getting better soon for Titanfall fans in Australia.


Titanfall Review | Falling in Love

by Darrin Wrighton March 13, 2014
Fanatical Choice!
If you’ve been online any amount of time in the past few months, you’ve seen hype for Titanfall. Well, the game’s here… did it live up to the colossal expectations everyone had for it? 
ShaqFu_Screenshot2 (1)

SXSW | Shaq Touts Shaq Fu Remake

by Darrin Wrighton March 11, 2014
NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is a lot of things, but nobody expected “supporter of a Shaq Fu remake” to be one of them. 


Titanfall Confirmed at 792p on Xbox One

by Darrin Wrighton March 10, 2014
Titanfall, one of the Xbox One‘s biggest exclusives – at least as far as the current generation of consoles goes – will not run at full HD, at least not at launch.

Respawn Confirms Titanfall will not Run at 1080p on Xbox One

by Matthew Gonzales-Landryon March 3, 2014
Since the debut of the Xbox One and PS4, resolution has been stuck in the minds of console and PC gamers.


Resident Evil 4 Now Available for Digital Download on PC

by Luis Mendezon March 1, 2014
Resident Evil 4 is now available for digital download on PC via Steam and across for retail at $19.99. Fans of the acclaimed Resident Evil title will be happy to know that the game now runs at its highest graphical fidelity to date with crisp HD graphics and 60 frames per second.

Where I Fall on Titanfall

by Darrin Wrighton February 17, 2014
I play a lot of games. More than I probably should, actually, considering all of my daily responsibilities, but that’s neither here nor there. I can honestly say I haven’t played a game quite like Titanfall.


Fanatical Five | 2014 Gaming Peripherals To Game Right With This Year

by Charles Powerson February 13, 2014
Gaming is platform-agnostic. From your mobile device to a PC or console, most gadgets offers a satisfying gaming experience. There are countless titles out there to suit players of every age, taste and interest. No matter how good the game is though, if your equipment lets you down then you’re not going to have much […]