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E3 2013 | Ubisoft Reveals ‘The Crew’

by Jason Chestnuton June 11, 2013
Ubisoft has unveiled their forthcoming open world online driving game The Crew.

LEGO: Legends of Chima Announced, Spans Three Games

by Darrin Wrighton January 3, 2013
Warner Bros. Interactive and TT Games‘ next entries in the LEGO series are set to build off a new collection of toys.


Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials gets a Flashy Trailer

by William Harmonon December 6, 2012
Good news everybody, we’ve got a new gameplay trailer to show you. This one is for Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials, the first add-on pack for Dishonored (obviously).


Spicy Horse’s ‘Crazy Fairies’ Makes It’s Way to Android

by Luis Mendezon November 30, 2012
Spicy Horse, the team that created Alice: Madness Returns, has recently released their game Crazy Fairies on Google Play for Android. 

Skullcandy and and EA Team Up for Limited Edition Army of Two Gaming Headsets

by Luis Mendezon November 17, 2012
Skullcandy and EA have recently teamed up to create Limited Edition Army of Two inspired gaming headsets off of their new SLYR headset line.


Trion Worlds Hires New Executive To Lead ‘Defiance’

by Logan Myeron October 15, 2012
Trion Worlds has announced that a new Vice President of Development and Executive Producer has been chosen to lead for their upcoming game, Defiance.


NBA 2k13 – Who’s Your Squad?

by Bridget Thrashon September 9, 2012
  So the time has come, with NBA 2k13 is just around the corner everyone is gathering their teams an so on. So the real question here is, Who’s your squad?

Ghost Recon Online Open Beta Now Live

by Marisa Sundellon August 17, 2012
Ubisoft announced earlier in the week at Gamescom that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online has entered Open Beta.


New FORGE Video Featuring Alpha Gameplay

by Logan Myeron August 15, 2012
Dark Vale Games showed off some new footage of their upcoming indie multiplayer shooter, FORGE. 

Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Reveal Video Released

by Drew Hubbardon August 7, 2012
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, by Treyarch, is slated for a release date of November 13, and as with previous incarnations, the multiplayer seems to be shaping up to be quite intense.


Max Payne 3 | A Chance to Have Your Mug Be a Part of DLC Later This Fall

by Luis Mendezon July 6, 2012
That’s right ladies and gents, Rockstar Games team is giving players the chance to be cast into a pool of other players for a chance to have their face be a part of some Max Payne 3 DLC later this year. 

Warframe – Reserve Your Alias Now

by Luis Mendezon June 25, 2012
The upcoming Free-to-Play game from Digital Extremes got a stopped motion trailer released today. You can check out the trailer down below.


Calling All Pilots! MechWarrior Online’s Founder Program On Sale

by Logan Myeron June 20, 2012
IGP and Piranha Games announced a sale for the Founder’s Program for their highly anticipated title, MechWarrior Online. The Operation Inception Founder’s Program will feature 3 different tiers to suit every player and wallet!