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surface to lumia

Surface Out, Lumia In: Microsoft Rebranding Rumors

by Alex Androskion June 28, 2014
Microsoft is wrapping up negotiations to use the Nokia and Lumia brands for their own hardware devices, according to EVLeaks. If the rumor is true, Microsoft intends to replace their handset branding with “Nokia by Microsoft” and the Surface branding with Lumia branding.

E3: Video Games Live E3 2012 Spectacular

by Jennifer Kibbleon May 29, 2012
Even if you’ve seen Video Games Live before, see it again, especially if you’re attending this years Electronic Entertainment Expo. If you haven’t, I highly suggest you go.  This year’s performance of Video Games Live at E3 is set to be an adventure for your ears and then some. As previously mentioned, Tommy Tallarico  will be adding […]


Nokia Goes Viral With New Smartphone Ad Campaign

by Breezyon April 2, 2012
We’ve seen hundreds of ad campaigns over the years, but none of them have seemed as fitting as Nokia’s. This ad campaign focuses on the presumption that smartphones are nothing more than a beta test for something better to come in the future. What has me absolutely loving this new viral ad campaign is the […]


Nokia Lumia 800 Set For November 16th Release Date In UK

by DaJuan Harrison November 1, 2011
Nokia has announced today that their first windows phone, the Lumia 800 will be launching in the UK on November 16th, which coincidentally is the day before Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy Nexus in the UK. This release date will also coincide with the release of another Windows Phone 7 device in the UK the HTC Titan. This choice of […]

Nokia’s Kinetic Concept Phone Stands Up When You Get Calls

by Baileyon August 12, 2010
It’s unlikely the Nokia Kinetic will actually ever make it to widespread production, but the idea of a phone that rests flat on a surface when not in use but stands to display the screen to you when you get an incoming call is an interesting one. The Kinetic is actually a concept from Jeremy […]