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Super Smash Bros. Multiplayer Information Overload!

by Henry Hollawayon April 9, 2014
The recent Nintendo Direct was dedicated to the newest installment of the Super Smash Bros. series. They packed 39 minutes full of details and the revealed changes to multiplayer were especially plentiful.
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Why Spacing Out Super Smash Bros. on 3DS and Wii U is a Good Thing

by Ben Runningson April 9, 2014
The Wii U and 3DS versions of Super Smash Bros. don’t share a launch date. Could this somehow affect the sales of either version?


A Super Smashing Super Smash Bros. Rundown

by Jeff Smithon April 9, 2014
Nintendo aired an extensive look at their new Super Smash Bros. games recently, and there was a ton of information. In case you missed it, we’ve compiled some of the big announcements.

PAX East 2014 | Nintendo Absence from the Show Hurts

PAX East 2014 | Nintendo Absence from the Show Hurts

by Jake Valentineon March 25, 2014
Looking forward to playing some Mario Kart 8 at PAX East this year? I’ve got some bad news for you: that won’t be happening. Nintendo will sadly not have a presence at the show.

Nintendo’s Future | What’s Next?

by Darrin Wrighton February 3, 2014
If you were to ask someone on the street who would be the first video game company to come to mind, chances are you’d hear “Nintendo.” That’s not an accident.


Nintendo to Pay for 3D Patent Infringement

by Marisa Sundellon January 8, 2014
A lawsuit filed against Nintendo in 2011 is finally being put into effect, and Nintendo will have to pay a pretty penny.


Video Game Illustrator Greg Martin Passes

by Jennifer Kibbleon January 6, 2014
If you played video games in the 1990′s, then you’ve seen the work of Greg Martin.

Nintendo Releases NES Remix on Wii U

by Darrin Wrighton December 20, 2013
Nintendo may have a reputation of being “kings of the rehash,” but NES Remix, their attempt to introduce newer gamers to the NES generation of gaming, is definitely unique in playing that up.

Dapper Infant Gift Guide

Fanatical Fashion | Gift Ideas For The Dapper Infant Gamer

by Chanté Goodmanon December 14, 2013
I’m back again, this time to save your child’s Christmas. With this guide, you’ll be full of gift ideas of what to get your little tyke for Christmas, all related to fashion. 


Super Mario 3D World Review | The Cat’s Pajamas

by Darrin Wrighton November 26, 2013
Is Super Mario 3D World the next great Mario game? Yes. Yes, it is.
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Fanatical Five | Alternative Careers for Nintendo

by Darrin Wrighton November 20, 2013
The next generation of gaming consoles is here, and that means more and more people will soon be joining the annual “Nintendo is DOOOOOMED” chorus.

Nintendo Direct Recap | The Immediate Future of the 3DS, Wii U

Nintendo Direct Recap | The Immediate Future of the 3DS, Wii U

by Jake Valentineon November 13, 2013
Nintendo aired a new Nintendo Direct episode today that showcased the near future for the Nintendo 3DS.