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Game Fanatics Show Episode 14 – Season 2, NYCC 2012 Special

by Arnellon October 24, 2012
Kicking off season 2 of TGFS with our NYCC 2012 Special. Katerina and Charles talk about all the fanatical things they saw during their time on the NYCC floor including games (God of War: Ascension, Hitman: Absolution, Tomb Raider, Remember Me, and more), cosplay, interviews, and more. Then Ryan and Charles update us on what’s […]
Iron Man 3 Iron Patriot Armor

The First Official Iron Man 3 Trailer is Beyond Incredible; Watch it Now!

by Charles Powerson October 23, 2012
Well, it’s finally here Marvelites, the official Iron Man 3 trailer, and it is simply badass; take a gander at it after the break.


NYCC 2012 | Gearing up for New York Comic Con!

by Charles Powerson October 13, 2012
We’re gearing up to attend the biggest geek culture event to hit the East Coast, New York Comic Con! Charles and Kae here reporting live in New York, currently drinking tea and resting our poor legs as we spend our weekend surrounded by geeks and nerds alike.


Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC Coming Next Month

by Jeff Smithon October 12, 2012
We’ve caught wind of a report that Mass Effect 3 could have another DLC pack coming this November, and it will be big.

Nintendo and Apple Line Up The Customers

by Georgeon March 26, 2011
There is something special about the sight of a queue. It sends out subliminal messages – “there is a thing here you might want”, “this is really worth waiting for” and “everyone else is getting one, why not you?” That line of people, waiting outside a shop, is a marketing man… or woman’s dream. Last […]


Crysis 2 Official Launch Trailer (Must see!)

by Charles Powerson March 22, 2011
You are a weapon of futuristic destruction, your task? Be the weapon, save New York. There’s not much to say about this trailer, except that it’s pure perfection. Seriously, if you don’t watch it…you must hate yourself. The trailer features the same song off the TV Spot by B.o.B, but it’s much longer and filled […]


B.o.B on the Crysis 2 TV Spot

by Charles Powerson March 16, 2011
I’m a huge fan of @bobatl, check him out as he provides the music behind the latest trailer for Crysis with a cover of “New York, New York”.  
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Stick it in the hole! Offline file sharing 2.0

by Charles Powerson November 1, 2010
So you’re walking down a street in good ‘ole New York City, and you see the tip of a USB drive sticking out of the wall…what do you do? While I know “lick it!” is what a lot of you would suggest, you would be wrong. You see across New York, there are USB drives […]

Madden NFL 11: Demo Details

by Travis Greeneon July 15, 2010
If you are a Madden fan like me, you probably pre-order the game every year, even though you know it will probably be a rehash. One thing is for sure, we want that demo, so we can see if the game is going to be the same. Well thanks to the good folks over at […]