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Lead Artist, Nate Wells, Leaves Naughty Dog

by Katerina Perichon April 21, 2014
Marking the third departure from Naughty Dog in the span of a-month-and-a-half, Lead Artist Nate Wells has left Naughty Dog to pursue a career with the independent studio behind The Unfinished Swan, Giant Sparrow.

The Last of Us Grounded Bundle Coming Soon

by Katerina Perichon April 17, 2014
Any reason for us to get more The Last of Us is a good reason. We’ve heard about a new single-player mode for the past couple of months, and now it’s finally here. The Last of Us fans, prepare yourself for a new single-player difficulty that is sure to be the hardest mode yet: Grounded.

the last of us remastered ps4

The Last of Us Remastered Trailer Makes Me Giddy

by Henry Hollawayon April 10, 2014
I am a child. A big man-child. A trailer for the long rumored, leaked and then confirmed port of The Last of Us for the PS4 has finally dropped and I can’t wait.


The Last of Us Comes to PS4 With Remastered Edition

by Katerina Perichon April 9, 2014
After anxiously awaiting any sort of update or announcement, it’s finally been confirmed by Naughty Dog that The Last of Us is coming to the PS4 this summer, in a fully remastered fashion, coining it the title The Last of Us Remastered.

Naughty Dog Artist Models Walter White of Breaking Bad

by Jeff Smithon March 28, 2014
Users on NeoGaf have found a rendering of Walter White, reportedly done by Naughty Dog’s lead artist, Michael Knowland. 


The Last of Us Film to Follow the Same Storyline as the Game

by Katerina Perichon March 14, 2014
Talking about The Last of Us film is a double-edged sword, I mean really… ask anyone!


[UPDATE] Uncharted Creative Director, Amy Hennig, Forced Out of Naughty Dog?

by Charles Powerson March 5, 2014
Naughty Dog Creative Director and writer of the Uncharted series, Amy Hennig, has left the studio and “numerous” sources claim she may have been forced out.

Fanatical Fashion | Winners Of The Last Of Us Design Competition

by Chanté Goodmanon February 10, 2014
Back towards the end of last year, Naughty Dog announced a The Last Of Us design contest. Not only would the winners have their designs made into t-shirts, they’d also be chosen by special guest judges and could win up to $2000.


Does Sony now own Crash Bandicoot?

by Henry Hollawayon November 22, 2013
Crash Bandicoot may be coming home.

Another Reason to Grab a PS4: UNCHARTED

by Katerina Perichon November 15, 2013
At last night’s “Greatness Awaits” event celebrating the midnight launch of the PS4, Naughty Dog stole the show with not only one big announcement (The Last of Us DLC finally) but they delivered some exciting news that everyone has been waiting for since Uncharted 3‘s release!  


Celebrate the Two Year Anniversary of Uncharted 3 with Patch 1.18

by Katerina Perichon November 2, 2013
Two years ago, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception released, giving PlayStation gamers an exciting new story and adventure featuring our favorite hero, Nathan Drake.

Contest: The Last of Us Fan Design Contest

by Katerina Perichon October 15, 2013
Naughty Dog is partnering up with We Love Fine to hold a fan art design contest where fans can bring their artistic visions about The Last of Us to life


Abandoned Territories Map Pack and more DLC Coming to The Last of Us

by Katerina Perichon September 28, 2013
It’s no secret that us Last of Us fans have been anxiously awaiting the release of single player DLC; with all the teases about “Outbreak Day” (Thursday, September 26th), we thought for sure we’d get something DLC related; but all we got was this interesting take on what The Last of Us would have been […]