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Gamescom 2012 | Get Your Teen Horror On With Until Dawn

by Logan Myeron August 14, 2012
At Sony’s Gamescom conference today, a new Playstation Move horror game entitled Until Dawn was announced. Alongside the announcement is a launch trailer! 

The Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection Zombies Waddle Their Way to PSN

by Luis Mendezon June 26, 2012
Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection will be available for digital download on the North American PlayStation Store starting today. The collection will include both The Umbrella Chronicles and The Darkside Chronicles and will be going for $26.99.


The Avengers Hits $1 Billion in Worldwide Box Office, Breaks Records.

by Logan Myeron May 14, 2012
What is looking like to be the biggest blockbuster of 2012, may just be one of the biggest blockbusters of all time.


Microsoft Gains Patent for Wearable EMG Device

by Luis Mendezon May 3, 2012
Just when you thought that Microsoft couldn’t think any more out of the box than the Kinect already is, say hello to the wearable EMG (Electromyography) device.

Check Out the Final Box Art for The Amazing Spider-man!

by Jason Chestnuton March 31, 2012
Box art for The Amazing Spider-man has been released! Check it out here!


Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection Coming to PS3

by Luis Mendezon March 13, 2012
It was announced today that Capcom confirmed the release of the Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection. The collection will include The Umbrella Chronicles and The Darkside Chronicles. Both titles will have an HD make over as well as trophy integration for PlayStation Network. Gamers will be able to play through the game alone, or with […]


Johann Sebastian Joust – Folk Gaming

by William Harmonon March 12, 2012
GDC was last week, here in San Francisco, and it was pretty awesome. Lots of clever people, interesting projects, and great discussion. I want to go over one of these interesting projects. I’m sure many of you have, at this point, heard about Johann Sebastian Joust. In case you haven’t, let’s go over the rules: […]

Wii, Kinect, Move: Still Only Gimmicks?

by Jennifer Kibbleon January 30, 2012
The NES Power Glove was released by the Mattel toy company in 1989. I never had the pleasure of owning one, however I do wish I had one today, just to add it to my collection. This accessory was the first of its kind to allow the gamer to interact with a video game. This […]


New Holiday Bundles for PS3, Xbox 360

by Jake Valentineon October 18, 2011
Yes, the holidays are fast approaching, which means new console bundles to entice shoppers. Microsoft is preparing two bundles, per a report on IGN: – Kinect Bundle, featuring an Xbox 360, 250GB HDD, Kinect Adventures, and Carnival Games: Monkey See Monkey Do for $399. – Non-Kinect Bundle, featuring an Xbox 360, 250GB HDD, Fable III, […]
PlayStation Move Art 3

Awesome Art Created With the PlayStation Move

by Charles Powerson September 27, 2011
A few months ago the LittleBigPlanet 2: Move Pack was released and it came with a proprietary Paint program that allowed players to use the Move controller to create artistic works of their own. I happened upon some of these great artworks by artist, Jim Unwin, and was absolutely blown away by how much finesse […]


Sony Bolstering Move Titles From October to November

by John Porchon September 15, 2011
Sony has announced six move-enabled titles and updates that will be available for purchase beginning in October all the way through late November. Among these titles are inFamous 2 – presumably an update for the core game, as well as support in the coming inFamous 2 DLC Festival of Blood. Little Big Planet 2 is […]
socom 4 boxart

Soldiers! Ready for Full Deployment?

by Charles Powerson February 25, 2011
Been fancying the Playstation Move sharp shooter? Might we suggest you eager troops hold on until after you read this article. On April 19, the long-awaited SOCOM 4 will hit store shelves and so will its recently announced Full Deployment edition. This bundle comes with SOCOM 4, both the Playstation Move and Navigation controllers, the PlayStation […]


PC Move Support

by Georgeon February 1, 2011
According to information from the Playstation Move GDC panel, Sony is set to reveal PC support for their Playstation 3 motion sensor technology. Apparently it will be presented in the form of something known as “Move Server” which will allow third party programmers to create their own applications which use the technology. The official synopsis […]