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PAX Prime 2014 | TOME: Immortal Arena Is A Fresh Take On MOBAs

by William Harmonon September 5, 2014
Today, I got the chance to speak with Kixeye and check out their new MOBA, TOME: Immortal Area. Now, I have no misconceptions, the MOBA genre is quickly becoming flooded. DOTA may have started the boom, League of Legends continued it, and every IP, from DC, to Lord of the Rings, to Warcraft is getting in […]

Infinite Crisis Open Beta Now Available

by Greg DeVrieson March 16, 2014
Infinite Crisis is a free to play MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) with characters including Batman, Superman, The Joker, Wonder Woman and more (here's hoping Nightwing will be there soon).

Strife PAX Prime 2013 (2)

PAX Prime | The Next Big MOBA is… Strife?

by William Harmonon September 3, 2013
Strife is a bigger deal than you might think. We all know that the MOBA world has grown, drastically, in popularity over the last few years.


Dead Island: Epidemic, A New Zombie MOBA From Deep Silver

by Matthew Gonzales-Landryon August 7, 2013
Attention all PC free-to-play enthusiasts! Deep Silver has just announced that they are stepping into the free-to-play market with their new game, Dead Island: Epidemic.

DC Announces Infinite Crisis PC Game

by Greg DeVrieson March 25, 2013
DC has announced today that they are working on a MOBA style PC game based on the extremely epic Infinite Crisis storyline.


Poseidon Revealed as the newest God in SMITE

by William Harmonon March 1, 2013
In a genre dominated by so many big name games, it’s easy to sometimes miss the latest news concerning Hi Rez studio’s MOBA: SMITE. Not today though. Today Poseidon was revealed as the latest god to join the ranks of SMITE’s pantheon. With his brothers, Zeus and Hades, already established characters, Followers of the game […]


Blizzard All-Stars: Coming Soonish-er?

by Marisa Sundellon January 27, 2013
Though Blizzard hasn’t spoken a word about it in months, it is claimed that Blizzard All-Stars, Blizzard’s own DotA-like MOBA that was revealed at BlizzCon 2010, has not been forgotten.

Smite Patch Brings Hercules To The Battlefield

by William Harmonon January 10, 2013
So ladies and gents, today Smite received a large patch, including balance changes, bug fixes, and most notably the addition of Rome’s mightiest warrior Hercules.


SMITE and MANOFWAR Combine Forces!

by Seth Brownon September 28, 2012
You may remember that yours truly played SMITE for one The Game Fanatics’ Game Nights.  As it so happened, we really enjoyed the game and thought it was a fresh take on the MOBA genre.  But was it missing a key element? Check after the break to find out!

Rally Reaches Heroes of Newerth!

by William Harmonon August 8, 2012
Heroes of Newerth is not my MOBA of choice. I think its visuals are unconducive to clearly providing players with information about their surroundings, the item shop is not superbly organized, and the controls aren’t always as responsive as they could be.


Awesomenauts Deploys Patch 1.1

by Jake Valentineon July 12, 2012
Scheduled to be released on July 23rd, Romino Games will be launching patch 1.1 for Awesomenauts, featuring two new playable characters and some balance changes.

Hi-Rez’s Smite is Going Strong

by William Harmonon July 3, 2012
This weekend got a bit busy. I was intending to write an article about Hi-Rez’s new take on the MOBA genre: Smite. But I found myself just too busy. Too busy actually playing Smite.


Dota 2 Update Features New UI Features

by Seth Brownon June 20, 2012
Valve’s Dota 2 continues with updates, releasing custom user interfaces and give players the ability to share your personal UI with the world.