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WildStar Now Available for Pre-Order

by Matthew Gonzales-Landryon March 19, 2014
WildStar is the kind of game that needs very little introduction. Since it was announced, it’s been dominating the minds of MMORPG heads all over the world.

The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Impressions | Better than Skyrim

by Ben Runningson February 7, 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online may very well be the perfect combination of the Skyrim and MMORPG formulas.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Features An Astounding 187,000 Concurrent Players At Launch

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Features An Astounding 187,000 Concurrent Players At Launch

by Jake Valentineon August 28, 2013
Owners of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn have had troubles logging into the game due to full servers. Those servers are full because there’s a total of 187,000 people wanting to play at the exact same time.


Elder Scrolls Online to Have Monthly Subscription Fee

by Marisa Sundellon August 25, 2013
Bethesda has announced that their upcoming MMORPG, Elder Scroll Online, will have a monthly subscription fee, rather than being free to play.

E3 2013 | Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn May be a Game Reborn

by William Harmonon June 15, 2013
Final Fantasy XIV struggled and we all know it. Whatever it was though, it is something else now. The entire narrative world has been redone, and the presentation suggests that there will be a much heavier focus on the story than there was before. With fighting chocobos to assist solo players, and more incentives to play […]


PAX East 2013 | Venturing Into Elder Scrolls Online

by Jake Valentineon March 25, 2013
It’s a well known fact that conventions aren’t the best place to get some hands on time with an MMORPG. It’s also a fact Bethesda knows as well, apparently, as we spent two full hours trying out Elder Scrolls Online.


NCsoft Purchases an Unreal Engine 4 License

by Nick Pinkertonon February 15, 2013
Epic Games has announced NCsoft‘s purchase of a license for Unreal Engine 4.

Arcane Legends Now Available For Mobile Devices

by Katerina Perichon November 29, 2012
Prepare to experience the fantasy world of MMORPG right at your fingertips, by downloading Arcane Legends now available for all Apple and Android devices!  Arcane Legends is the fourth installment of the (free-to-play) Legends series, and can also be found available to play on the Chrome Web Store and Google Play; previous titles include Dark […]

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New Features Available For The Forsaken World: Nightfall

by Chris Calasahanon October 19, 2012
Perfect World Entertainment’s free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, Forsaken World: Nightfall has a new update with new content (released on 10/17/12).

Mists of Pandaria Sells 2.7 Million Copies, Subscriptions Up To 10 Million

by Jake Valentineon October 5, 2012
We’ve been enjoying our time in Pandaria thus far. As it turns out, so have a lot of you.


Initial Impressions | World of Warcraft – Mists of Pandaria

by Jake Valentineon October 3, 2012
MMORPGs on the whole are undergoing a change. So how does the latest World of Warcraft expansion, Mists of Pandaria, stack up?

City of Heroes is No More

by Jennifer Kibbleon September 1, 2012
NCSoft has announced that they are shutting down Paragon Studios, which means the servers for the super hero MMO, City of Heroes will be shutting down roughly around November of this year.


Blizzard Offering World Of Warcraft And Expansions At 75% Off

by Jake Valentineon August 22, 2012
One week only! Massive sale! Incredible savings! Prepare for Pandaria and all the pandas!