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Microsoft Announces Xbox One Release Date

by Billy "GrimJak" VanVorston September 4, 2013
Microsoft announced early this morning that the Xbox One will be available in 13 countries on November 22, one week after the launch of the PlayStation 4.

External Storage Not Supported at Launch for the Xbox One

by Luis Mendezon September 3, 2013
According to Major Nelson of Microsoft, the external storage feature will not be supported at the launch of the new Xbox One console.


Microsoft Renames the Xbox Marketplace: Introducing the Xbox Games Store

by Katerina Perichon September 3, 2013
Shortly before the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft has decided to rename the Xbox Marketplace to the more user-friendly Xbox Games Store.  

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Xbox One | ID@Xbox Self-Publishing Program

by Jason Chestnuton August 23, 2013
Microsoft has announced that they are launching a self-publishing program for indie Xbox One developers.
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Kinect No Longer Mandatory with Xbox One

by Billy "GrimJak" VanVorston August 12, 2013
Microsoft throws another reversal play with news today that the Kinect not only doesn’t have to be on for the Xbox One to work, it doesn’t even have to be plugged in. This news coming just after Microsoft announced it would support self publishing of games.

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Xbox One Updates Before Launch

by Henry Hollawayon August 11, 2013
Upon opening the box, you may find some surprises under the hood.

Microsoft Has Upped The Xbox One's GPU Clock Speed

Microsoft Has Upped The Xbox One’s GPU Clock Speed

by Jake Valentineon August 2, 2013
Microsoft has yet to reveal specific details concerning what’s under the hood for the Xbox One. Today, they gave us a little bit of a teaser.

XBox One Controllers and Headset Prices Announced

by Jennifer Kibbleon July 29, 2013
For those that are picking up an XBox One this November are now allowed to reserve extra controllers and headsets.


Self-Publishing on the Xbox One Now Confirmed by Microsoft

by Jason Chestnuton July 26, 2013
In another 360 (get it?) by Microsoft, it seems that indie publishing and development are now encouraged for the Xbox One.

Halo 4 | Forward Unto Dawn Earns Emmy Nomination

by Enis Tezcanon July 20, 2013
We all remember when Halo: Forward Unto Dawn made it’s first appearance on YouTube last year prior to the launch of 343‘s Halo 4 title.  It’s no surprise that earlier today the live-action title was nominated for an Emmy, for the Main Title Design Category. The Main Title Design Category rewards the work of the shows impressive […]

The Next Generation

Gaming’s All-Digital Future on the Horizon

by Henry Hollawayon June 24, 2013
Be prepared for a new shift in gaming this next generation, regardless of whether you chose an Xbox One or PS4.

Why I’m Not Buying the Xbox One

by Henry Hollawayon June 21, 2013
Why I’m Not Buying An Xbox One...


Xbox One-Eighty | Cliffy B. Should Calm Down

by Darrin Wrighton June 20, 2013
Not less than an hour after the news broke that the Xbox One‘s wildly unpopular DRM policies would be completely reversed, Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski let it be known that the gaming industry is doomed. DOOMED, I say.