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Throwback Thursday | Mass Effect Review

by Todd O'Rourkeon October 16, 2014
Originally published for the Xbox 360 in 2007, five years later, Mass Effect finally arrived to the PlayStation 3 in December of 2012.   During this span, it seemed like Microsoft would not abandon its stranglehold of the original game, even after the second and third iteration found its way onto Sony’s console.

E3 2014 | Mass Effect 4 First Look

by Alena Alambeigion June 9, 2014
During the EA conference at E3 2014, we were hit with a pretty nice surprise, an untitled 4th Mass Effect title from Bioware.


Titanfall 2 Could Drop on Non-Microsoft Platforms

by Darrin Wrighton March 20, 2014
Reports are circulating that Titanfall 2 is official (no surprise), to be published by EA (also no surprise) and will not be exclusive to Microsoft platforms (huh?). 

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Mass Effect Sequel Still in Production at Bioware

by Alex Androskion March 16, 2014
It's been nearly two years since the release of the last games in the franchise, Mass Effect 3 and, Mass Effect: Infiltrator. But chatter from Bioware management makes it clear that they're still hard at work on the franchise.

Is the Mass Effect Trilogy Ready to Assimilate the Current Generation?

by Jennifer Kibbleon March 3, 2014
With one simple tweet, the gaming community erupts. With a slight mention of the possibility of the Mass Effect series heading to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the masses flock to their keyboards to share their thoughts.

Mass Effect N7 Leather Jacket Will Assume Direct Control of Your Wardrobe

by John Sylvesteron February 28, 2014
Mass Effect fans have been wishing for the N7 Leather Jacket to be real ever since it was introduced in Mass Effect 3. Well, the wait is finally over!

Gift Ideas for the Fashion Centric Gamer - Holiday Gift Guide

Fanatical Fashion | Gift Ideas For The Fashion-Centric Guy Gamer

by Chanté Goodmanon December 10, 2013
Struggling about what to get your beloved for Christmas? Have no fear, with this video game fashion inspired male fanatic gift guide!

BioWare Announces Dragon Age Keep

by Darrin Wrighton August 31, 2013
If there’s one thing BioWare games are particularly good at, it’s making your choices made in one game carry over to another one. So how will it work for Dragon Age?


Little Big Planet Gets a Dose of Mass Effect

by William Harmonon May 20, 2013
This week, Little Big Planet is getting a heavy dose of galaxy saving with their new Mass Effect DLC pack.

The Mass Effect Turian Cruiser

by Jennifer Kibbleon May 1, 2013
Enjoy collecting video game memorabilia? Like Mass Effect? Well my friends, you are in luck!

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G-Spot Podcast Episode 86 | Tomb Effect

by Gspot Podcaston March 19, 2013
“Let’s make this really vague and confusing.” Look out below, it’s the G-Spot Podcast Episode 86!

The Greatest New Franchises of the PS3 and Xbox 360 Era

by Darrin Wrighton March 15, 2013
The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are about to become obsolete, with the pending launch of the next generation of video game consoles. We thought it’d only be fair to look back at the new franchises this era gave us; the games we didn’t yet know we couldn’t live without.


Fanatical 5 Game Characters With Whom We Fell In Love

by SamuRYon February 14, 2013
As gamers, we spend a lot of time with different video game characters, and knowing these characters strike different feelings within us. Feelings that belong in a Fanatical Five.