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Anarchy Reigns shows off new Multiplayer Footage

by Jasdeep Sahotaon April 13, 2012
Anxiously waiting for Anarchy Reigns? Need something to sate the anticipation? Platinum Games has got you covered. Earlier today they released a trio of videos that briefly show off the game’s chaotic multiplayer mode, as well as a set of combo exhibitions from main characters Leo and Jack (of Madworld fame). While it’s admittedly a […]
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Fanatical Five: Top 5 Female Cosplay

by David Geesonon January 23, 2012
Welcome to theĀ inauguralĀ edition of TGF’s Fanatical Five! This is a weekly post where we’ll be taking you through a top 5 list of something that’s relative to your interests, be it cosplay, games, movies or foodstuffs. Each week we’ll aim to bring you the best of the best in each specific category. As this is […]