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Get the official The Game Fanatics Android app now!

by Charles Powerson March 7, 2011
It’s been a long time coming but our Android app is now available! In partnership with Notice Orange we are extremely pleased to announce that the first version of the Android version of our app is now in the Android Marketplace! The app is ad-supported, all proceeds go to support the Game Junkies Unite! movement, […]

Rovio, Microsoft to Cross-Promote Bing with Angry Birds

by Game Fanatics Staffon March 7, 2011
Espoo, Finland (via Press Release): Rovio has today launched a four video series of animated videos that put a new twist on the never-ending rivalry between the birds and the pigs, featuring for the first time, product integration with Bing, the decision engine from Microsoft. The first two installments of the series are available now, […]


Push Panic free today!

by Charles Powerson January 12, 2011
Here’s a special treat: Push Panic, a very fun and addiction iOS game is going free for today. Keyword: addicting. I had to tear myself away from the game to write this article; check out the full press release and video below. New York, NY — January 12, 2011 – Appular announces Push Panic for […]


Introducing the world’s most powerful smartphone

by Charles Powerson January 5, 2011
The Motorola’s Atrix was announced today at the Consumer Electronics Expo in Las Vegas and already it’s being billed as the most powerful smartphone ever…and if you are a skeptic like me, you’ll be wondering what this phone ever did to deserve such a title. The first thing you should know right off the bat […]

Appitalism bringing Angry Birds to a wider audience

by Nickkakon December 31, 2010
Angry Birds has cemented a reputation as one of the most popular mobile games on the market, but has been limited in its reach because it has only been available on the iPhone, Android and Symbian mobile application stores. While those three outlets gave a multitude of users the opportunity to play Angry Birds, many […]


ATTENTION: The PSP 2 is NOT the PSP Phone!

by Charles Powerson December 23, 2010
Or so the Sony Computer Entertainment boss Kaz Hirai wants us to believe. He recently sat down with The New York Times, and spoke about how the upcoming, yet unannounced PSP successor might handle things like touch controls, and be differentiated from the widely leaked PlayStation-capable mobile phone. “We don’t want gamers to be asking, what’s the […]



by Charles Powerson November 9, 2010
Remember when we told you about Verizon and Apple rumors, specifically about Verizon getting the iPhone next year. Well now Verizon officially has the iPad; you can see the commercial aired below. The brief ad promises “All the magic of iPad, all the nationwide power and reliability of Verizon” and offers a glimpse of the […]

Around the Web: A few Gadgets you will kill and/or die for

by Charles Powerson October 28, 2010
Gadgets are more unusual and more clever than normal technological objects and that makes them gain popularity. These wonderful gizmos ease our daily routine and keep us in contact with the innovative movement, making sure we don’t get stuck in the past. But of course, in the world of gadgets there are also some devices […]

Verizon to get iPhone next year

by Charles Powerson October 10, 2010
The rumors have been around for several years, but last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is on the verge of mass-producing a new version of the iPhone for Verizon’s network. As we’ve come to expect from these frequent rumors of impending Verizon iPhonedom, details are incredibly scarce. It’s unknown if the unicorn-like […]

Apple unveils social network, new iPod and TV tool

by Baileyon September 2, 2010
Apple has launched a music-centered social network at iTunes and unveiled slick new iPod and Apple TV gadgets that promised to win the iconic company more devotees. Ping was built into iTunes 10 software made available as a free download at “It is sort of like Facebook and Twitter meet iTunes,” Apple chief executive […]

Drunk dialing problems? There’s an app for that!

by Baileyon August 19, 2010
Stung by years of alcohol-influenced texts and phone calls to everyone in his phone book, Joe “Joey G” Giuliano decided to do something about it. “Joey G,” a comedian, spent his entire life savings developing a new iPhone app to discourage drunk users from texting or calling their friends. “I’m the worst drunk-dialer/drunk-texter there is,” […]

Get Gamepad Buttons on Your iPhone with GPod

by Baileyon August 12, 2010
Australian design firm CP Design has come up with the GPod: a slide-on iPhone case that adds a directional-pad to the left of your iPhone and four individual action buttons on the right. The pad also has buttons for start and select, and a pass-through slot for the iPhone’s home button at the bottom of […]

Arkane Studios Acquired by Bethesda, Unnanounced Project in the Works

by Baileyon August 12, 2010
And now we know why Arkane Studios were apparently working with Bethesda/ZeniMax on a secret title. At QuakeCon 2010 today, the Fallout publisher announced that they’ve acquired the studio previously working on Valve’s The Crossing, and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic for Ubisoft. Bethesda didn’t go into specifics on what Arkane are up to, […]