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Fanatical Five | Top 5 Upcoming Game to Film Adaptations

by Charles Powerson April 1, 2014
When it comes to game to film adaptations, the harsh truth is that they are almost universally terrible. Sometimes, they’ll enjoy a sizeable budget that is mostly blown on visual effects, but we’ve yet to see a film based on a video game that’s much cop. Tomb Raider, Mario Bros., Streetfighter, Hitman…they’ve all been turkeys.

Square Enix Launches Digital Game Sale

by Darrin Wrighton January 30, 2013
If you’re looking to build your PC gaming library, Square Enix would love to hear from you.

Hitman HD Trilogy

Square Enix Release Hitman HD: Trilogy Launch Trailer

by Nick Pinkertonon January 29, 2013
Leading up to its release tomorrow, Square Enix and developer IO Interactive have released a launch trailer for Hitman HD: Trilogy.


Steam’s Holiday Sale Now Active

by Darrin Wrighton December 21, 2012
PC gaming’s biggest retailer is now in the middle of their biggest sale of the year.
Hitman HD Release

Hitman Trilogy Getting HD Release

by Darrin Wrighton December 12, 2012
Fans of three of the earliest Hitman games, or those looking to get into the series, can enjoy them in HD in January with the release of Hitman Trilogy.


Hitman: Absolution Prepared To Release New DLC

by Matthew Gonzales-Landryon December 4, 2012
Though Hitman: Absolution just launched late lats month, Square Enix has just announced some new DLC for the game. Fans of a certain 2011 shooter may recognize the new content. 

SE Character Pack

Sleeping Dogs DLC Hits Networks This Holiday Season

by Nick Pinkertonon November 15, 2012
Square Enix announced today that it will release a series of Sleeping Dogs DLC packs this Holiday Season for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC (via Steam).
Hitman Absolution

Square Enix Puts A Hit Out With A New Hitman: Absolution Gameplay Trailer

by Chris Calasahanon November 4, 2012
Square Enix has released a new trailer for the upcoming Hitman title.  This video shows fans that regardless of how players approach this title, players will find unique experiences filled with a variety of unique characters and how players choose to interact with these characters will help mold how the story unfolds creating a new level of […]

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Game Fanatics Show Episode 14 – Season 2, NYCC 2012 Special

by Arnellon October 24, 2012
Kicking off season 2 of TGFS with our NYCC 2012 Special. Katerina and Charles talk about all the fanatical things they saw during their time on the NYCC floor including games (God of War: Ascension, Hitman: Absolution, Tomb Raider, Remember Me, and more), cosplay, interviews, and more. Then Ryan and Charles update us on what’s […]

Hitman: Life of an Assassin Sweepstakes Now Live!

by Logan Myeron October 24, 2012
Plan on picking up the upcoming Hitman: Absolution game this winter? Well you may want to double check where you preordered it, because GameStop is having a sweet contest you may be interested in. 

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G-Spot Podcast Episode 66 | Unprofessional

by Gspot Podcaston October 23, 2012
“Pretty entertaining talk about games and gaming culture.”

Hitman Absolution: Introducing Disguises Trailer

by Joel Ramirezon October 19, 2012
The time is almost here for Agent 47 to continue his work.


NYCC 2012 | Gearing up for New York Comic Con!

by Charles Powerson October 13, 2012
We’re gearing up to attend the biggest geek culture event to hit the East Coast, New York Comic Con! Charles and Kae here reporting live in New York, currently drinking tea and resting our poor legs as we spend our weekend surrounded by geeks and nerds alike.