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Game Fanatics Show Ep 15 – GTA V Release Date? Assassin’s Creed III Review, Disney Buys Star Wars

by Charles Powerson November 2, 2012
Aside from the fact that this is quite possibly the longest article title, ever, there’s a lot of new stuff in this new episode of the Game Fanatics show, so be sure to catch it after the break.
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Game Fanatics Show Episode 14 – Season 2, NYCC 2012 Special

by Arnellon October 24, 2012
Kicking off season 2 of TGFS with our NYCC 2012 Special. Katerina and Charles talk about all the fanatical things they saw during their time on the NYCC floor including games (God of War: Ascension, Hitman: Absolution, Tomb Raider, Remember Me, and more), cosplay, interviews, and more. Then Ryan and Charles update us on what’s […]

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Game Fanatics Show Episode 13 – PAX Prime Special!

by Charles Powerson September 10, 2012
Here is a VERY special episode of our show, coming to you from the city of Seattle, just outside the PAX Prime showfloor. We talk about our impressions and opinions on the games we checked out, as well as give you the lowdown on some interviews and debriefings; you definitely don’t want to miss this […]

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Game Fanatics Show Episode 12 – Gamescom!

by Charles Powerson August 17, 2012
The eyes of the video game world are set on Cologne Germany this week as Gamescom is underway. This gigantic shmorgishborg of video game news spewed out more trailers, screenshots, and announcements in one week than we’ve seen all Summer.
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Game Fanatics Show Episode 11 – BLACK OOPS

by Charles Powerson August 9, 2012
Welcome to episode 11 of the game fanatics show, brought to you by the new Mac OS, Snoop Lion. As you can tell from the title, yes, we show the Call of Duty: Black Ops II multiplayer trailer, and we go into our usual semi-sober analysis of the video.

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Game Fanatics Show Episode 10 – Let There Be Light!

by Charles Powerson July 26, 2012
This is it, the special 1-0. We introduce our new set (with improved lighting; face-punching to come later). Ryan and I both watched The Dark Knight Rises and give our spoiler-free thoughts on the movie, and the unfortunate Aurora theater massacre.

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Game Fanatics Show Episode 9

by Charles Powerson July 21, 2012
Happy Saturday to all! So yeah, the website was down for a few hours this week, and we apologize. We blame the Steam sale. Speaking of the steam sale, what did we buy?! We discuss that, and Comic Con news (Deadpool anyone?) as well as a very quick review of the HTC Evo 4G LTE.
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Game Fanatics Show Episode 8 – Fassassin’s Creed

by Charles Powerson July 12, 2012
We had a bit of a break…in that time I managed to beat Spec Ops AND started to watch Game of Thrones, and Ryan travelled to Austin and back, for the Rooster Teeth Expo. In that span of time also, America celebrated her 236th birthday, meaning that if you subtract the two and carry the […]

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Game Fanatics Show Episode 6 (Giveaway!)

by Charles Powerson June 21, 2012
This is one helluva crazy episode! @RyCayari and I (@Fanaticalg) talk the latest in video game news, and video game trailers. Someone gets punched in the face, and Kato Turret makes a cameo? You don’t want to miss episode 6 of the Game Fanatics show!
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Game Fanatics Show Episode 5

by Charles Powerson June 13, 2012
This 5th episode of the Game Fanatics Show is being produced by our good friends, Royal Flush Media. We’ve got the top video game news and trailers of the week and @RyCayari will be giving away a Steam code to the first viewer who tweets him.

Episode 4

Game Fanatics Show Episode 4

by Charles Powerson June 6, 2012
Welcome to our E3 special episode, four episodes in and you can see our little show getting “mo’ betta” with each episode we do!
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The Game Fanatics Show – Pilot Episode

by Charles Powerson May 14, 2012
It’s the Game Fanatics Show, the pilot episode, and we’re bringing you tidings from PAX East 2012! Games like Max Payne 3, Assassin’s Creed 3, Spec Ops: The Line, Hitman Absolution, Borderlands 2, and more are on the table and we have exclusive trailers to show you! Also, gunchucks!