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Started From the Bottom? How About Started From Uncharted With Mr. GotY

by Charles Powerson March 9, 2013
Our friends at Max Level are at it again with another epic video, this time a parody of rapper, Drake’s, recent hit, Started from the Bottom. Behold the hottest track in the streets, Started From Uncharted.

This Dead Space 3 Isaac Clarke Statue Is Really Really Awesome

by Jeff Smithon December 22, 2012
In Dead Space 3, Isaac Clarke will have to endure some very frigid weather on top of the deadly necromorphs. Luckily, he has just the suit for that, and you can own one as well with this great statue from ARTFX.

Producer of upcoming "Angry Birds" movie

Angry Birds Movie Slated for 2016 to be Produced by John Cohen

by Michelle Quillenon December 11, 2012
Rovio Entertainment, creator of addictive franchise Angry Birds, has announced today that their 2016 cinematic release based on the game will be produced by John Cohen.


Spicy Horse’s ‘Crazy Fairies’ Makes It’s Way to Android

by Luis Mendezon November 30, 2012
Spicy Horse, the team that created Alice: Madness Returns, has recently released their game Crazy Fairies on Google Play for Android. 

Minecraft Comes To The Real World With New App

by Breezyon November 29, 2012
If you’ve ever played Minecraft for hours on end then you eventually come to the point where the boundary between reality and gaming mix. Or in some extreme cases you begin imagining actual blocks placed outside for you to break. There is a brand new app that will allow you to bring the experience of breaking and placing […]


Skullcandy and and EA Team Up for Limited Edition Army of Two Gaming Headsets

by Luis Mendezon November 17, 2012
Skullcandy and EA have recently teamed up to create Limited Edition Army of Two inspired gaming headsets off of their new SLYR headset line.


XBLA Games Have Disappeared Without Warning Once Again

by Luis Mendezon November 17, 2012
The Xbox LIVE Marketplace has claimed a few more victims to its growing arsenal of vanishing XBLA titles, 6 of them to be exact.

Google Dives Into The Gaming World With Ingress

by Breezyon November 15, 2012
Google is one step closer to taking over the world with it’s recent game announcement Ingress on the Android platform. Google has been consistently trying to reinvent the world we live in and the way we interact with it, and today they’re taking it one step further by creating video games to achieve their vision.

Press Start

What We Played October 8 -14

by Jennifer Kibbleon October 15, 2012
Welcome to Press Start! This is a weekly segment that dives into what we here at The Game Fanatics are currently playing. Feel free to leave a comment with what you’ve been playing or if you have any questions about the games that we are currently involved with.
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Learn to Survive With the New Far Cry 3 Trailer

by Jeff Smithon September 5, 2012
It’s a jungle out there, but you’ll learn quickly how to survive in Far Cry 3‘s unforgiving world.


Steam Announces Huge Update to Community!

by Enis Tezcanon August 15, 2012
On August 13th, Valve announced a heck of a major update coming to the Steam Community.
Press Start

What We Played | July 16 – 22

by Jennifer Kibbleon July 23, 2012
This is a weekly segment where we share what games we are currently playing for our readers to get to know us a bit better.


Meatbags Rejoice! Meet HK-51

by Jennifer Kibbleon July 18, 2012
For those who played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic will surely remember the very sarcastic and very deadly HK-47, voiced by Kristoffer Tabori.