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G-Spot Episode 48 | The Video Game Name Game

by Charles Powerson February 16, 2012
It’s been a few weeks since we’ve posted a fresh episode of the @GspotPodcast, but @fanaticalg returns to host the show yet again. The 50 minute episode is choked full of condensed gaming and tech goodness, so we suggest you dilute it with the 3-4 minutes of bloopers at the end. By the way, if […]
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G-Spot Episode 45 | See Me After Class

by Gspot Podcaston January 18, 2012
In this weeks fanatically awesome episode the TGF crew take a frank look at the major conferences of CES as well as discussing the Razer’s new ‘project Fiona’. David Gets angry about a dark souls petition and Breezy does has a couple of his usual rants. It’s also worth listening to the end to hear […]

G-Spot Episode 44 | The V in VGA Stands for What?!

by Gspot Podcaston December 12, 2011
This special VGA episode of the podcast is hosted by Dajuan (@TGF_Dajuan) and covers everything you need to know about what went down at this weekend’s Video Game Awards on Spike TV. Peep the show notes down below. PS, if you’re diggin’ the new intro it was made my the one and only @Malik4Play.   […]

G-Spot Episode 42 | Our Impromptu Endorsement of OnLive

by Gspot Podcaston November 1, 2011
In this week’s show, Nick and Breezy explain why we didn’t record last week, Breezy steals the mic and decides to dedicate the show to things he doesn’t like; one of those things being Nick’s tardiness when it comes to recording the show. Meanwhile David’s tries to keep everything together and on track, while this […]

G-Spot Episode 40 | Nick’s Back Alley Deals

by Gspot Podcaston October 9, 2011
In this week’s podcast episode we talk about Steve Jobs passing, which is followed by an awkwardly appropriate moment of silence. We also get into Battlefield 3 and why it is technically a demo and not a beta, and Breezy tries his luck with online dating through the TGF app. We also question Nick about […]

G-Spot Episode 39 | We’re Recording?

by Gspot Podcaston September 22, 2011
We’re back with a rather impromptu episode of the Gspot, which actually happened to be an on-the-spot recording of a rather random. fanatically awesome chat. Please be warned that this episode is a bit unorganized, as it was random, and @tehSamuel has a terrible potty mouth (hide ya kids). We’ll return to our regularly-scheduled, G-rated, […]

G-Spot Episode 38 | Opticize Me Cap’n!

by Gspot Podcaston April 24, 2011
Welcome to the 38th episode of The Game Fanatics G-Spot. In today’s we have special guests @OpTicH3CZ, @OpTic_BigTymeR, @OpTic_Rambo, and @OpTic_jkap… from Team Optic Gaming, so you know we have a great show planned! We talk Mortal Kombat, Gears 3, Portal, NCAA 12, console numbers, why you should pick Portal 2 up on the PS3 […]

G-Spot Episode 37 | Who’s Responsible For This?

by Gspot Podcaston April 16, 2011
Welcome to the 37th episode of The Game Fanatics G-Spot. In today’s show as usual we’ll be catching you all up with the latest in gaming news as well as adding our own two cents here and there. News: BETHESDA: BRINK IS FINISHED, GET IT A WEEK EARLY STEAMWORKS AND SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS FOR BRINK REVEALED […]

G-Spot Episode 36 | Mr & Mrs. Scarfinger

by Gspot Podcaston April 8, 2011
Welcome to the 36th episode of The Game Fanatics G-Spot. In today’s show we discuss all the latest gaming news, and also have a few interesting roundtable discussions. Special guests @Scarfinger and his wife, @SherrysJoy, join us and we all have a blast. News 1. Max Payne 3 graces EDGE Magazine 2. Section 8: Prejudice […]

G-Spot Episode 35 | Beware the Fools of April

by Gspot Podcaston April 1, 2011
Welcome to the 35th episode of The Game Fanatics G-Spot. In today’s show we talk about the gaming news for the week as well as discuss a few different topics. All Points Bulletin: Reloaded, Crysis 2, Cars 3 (3D), RAGE, Duke Nukem, and Uncharted 3 all make it to the roundtable and we also have […]

G-Spot Episode 33 | The Very Best

by Gspot Podcaston March 4, 2011
Welcome to the 33rd episode of The Game Fanatics G-Spot. Today is Friday March the 4th. The intro music to this episode was provided by a great guy I had the pleasure of e-meeting, A-1, follow him on twitter @A1_Emcee , and you can check out his pokemon rap on the site. Our resident guest, […]

G-Spot Podcast Episode 32 | Defying Your Logic

by Gspot Podcaston February 11, 2011
Welcome to the 32nd episode of The Game Fanatics G-Spot, we have a packed show today. We discuss Borderlands 2, Metro 2034, SOCOM Fireteam 4, The price of the NGP, Call of Juarez The The Cartel, and much more. We also crank up the Hype Machine for the first time and talk about all the […]

G-Spot Podcast Episode 31 | Syphilis

by Gspot Podcaston January 28, 2011
Welcome to The Game Fanatics’s 31st podcast…I know I say it’s the 29th; I blame that on the car accident i had before the show. In this episode, as usual, we update you on the latest release news and date changes, there are also some cool XBLA and PSN sales going on, and some must […]