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Capcom Releases Videos Revealing Details For PS Vita’s Street Fighter X Tekken

by Chris Calasahanon April 10, 2012
Today Capcom-Unity released a couple of videos revealing some details for Capcom’s very popular fighter Street Fighter X Tekken as it is set to be released on the PS Vita later this year. This handheld fighter will be to the delight of PS3 & Vita owners as this title will support cross-platform play allowing players to fight PS Vita […]
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Street Fighter X Tekken Hits Shelves: First Impressions & DLC Controversy

by Chris Calasahanon March 8, 2012
In what was a crazy day in video games yesterday, several anticipated titles were released, surefire hit Mass Effect 3  and baseball simulators MLB 2K12 & MLB 2012 The Show.  Along with these games, Capcom dropped the much hyped Street Fighter X Tekken.  Featuring a staggering 38 character roster from both Street Fighter & Tekken  franchises, this cross-over game […]


How I learned I still love the Arcade

by William Harmonon February 28, 2012
So I want to share something that I felt was awesome. This last weekend, I was out with friends getting some dinner (which was tasty, but not the point of this piece). Next to the restaurant was an arcade. I hadn’t been in an arcade in ages. Probably since I was 14 and definitely not […]

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Capcom Reveals New Characters For PS Vita & DLC for Street Fighter X Tekken

by Chris Calasahanon February 21, 2012
Capcom-Unity revealed some details for upcoming fighter Street Fighter X Tekken.  The PS Vita version of this game will come with 12 additional characters.  The post also promises that all of these characters will be available via DLC for the console versions of this anticipated game.  This comes as good news as the roster definitely offers variety, […]

Capcom Teams With FingerCramp To Provide Guides For Street Fighter X Tekken

by Chris Calasahanon February 17, 2012
Today, Capcom-Unity shared a very helpful tool for future Street Fighter X Tekken  players.  It appears that Capcom has teamed up with FingerCramp to provide videos providing all the details for the characters in this that represent the Mad Gear Gang from the Final Fight series.  The very fast staff wielding grenade chucking Rolento, and the overly sized henchman […]


Capcom Reveals 4 More Street Fighter X Tekken Characters As The Release Date Approaches

by Chris Calasahanon February 15, 2012
Capcom’s Developer’s blog, Capcom-Unity, has given fans some love for fans eager to play their much anticipated title, Street Fighter X Tekken.  Just to make sure there weren’t too many heroes in this upcoming game, 4 villains were added to the roster for the final cut.  These characters were introduced with new videos highlighting these characters. […]


Girl Fight: All-Girl Fighting Action Later This Year on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN

by Jason Chestnuton February 14, 2012
Majesco, Micropose and Kung Fu Factory announced yesterday that they will be releasing a downloadable all-girl fighting game for both Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this coming spring. According to the official press release, the aptly titled Girl Fight promises “… hair flying, long legs kicking and the ear-piercing shrill of deadly vixens.” Although, […]

Skullgirls Releases New Official Character Trailer

by Chris Calasahanon February 14, 2012
Gametrailers released a video teaser for one of the characters in the upcoming fighting title, Skullgirls.  While no official release date has been given, this is a highly anticipated release to the fighting game community.  Revenge Labs is developing a title that looks to have some very intense gameplay as well as some colorful graphics. Below […]

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Persona 4: The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena To Be Released On Consoles This Summer

by Chris Calasahanon February 4, 2012
Fighting game website Shoryuken has posted news for the upcoming fighting game based on the RPG, Persona 4.  The fighting game, Persona 4: The Ultimate In Mayonaka Arena, will now be released both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.  Blazblue developer Arc System Works is perfecting the gameplay of this game, while having direct involvement with […]

Mortal Kombat Komes to Vita

by BlackKrystelon January 17, 2012
Legendary Fighting Series Delivers Award-Winning Action to PS Vita system in 2012, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announces Mortal Kombat will be featured for PlayStation Vita system in Spring 2012.  Developed by, the game delivers an experience designed specifically for portable gaming. Mortal Kombat contains brand new gameplay features and content developed exclusively for the new handheld device. […]


Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition Hitting Stores March 2nd

by Charles Powerson January 9, 2012
Winner of our Best Fighting Game award for 2011, NetherRealm Studios’ blockbuster title, Mortal Kombat, will be hitting shelves again in a few months as the Komplete Edition Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition delivers the critically acclaimed game and all previously released downloadable content (DLC).  The DLC includes fan-favourite warriors Skarlet, Kenshi and Rain, as well as the infamous […]

Skullgirls Sponsors $1,000 Cash Prize at SoCal Regionals

by Breezyon November 28, 2011
Fighting game fans from all over the world are invited to grab their arcade sticks and vie for the first-ever tournament cash prize for AutumnGames‘ and RevergeLabs‘ award-winning, 2D fighter Skullgirls at Level|Up’s SoCal Regionals on Saturday, Dec. 17 in Irvine, Calif. Having made appearances at tournaments and events across the country,Skullgirls will be featured as a side competition, with the winner […]


New “Street Fighter x Tekken” Art

by Ryan Smithon May 8, 2011
Capcom has released some new art for the upcoming Street Fighter x Tekken game. It’s no secret that both games will be very pretty.