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Netherrealm Releases New Injustice: Gods Among Us Story Trailer

by Darrin Wrighton January 30, 2013
The world has gone to hell in the latest trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us, which sets up the story for the DC Comics fighting game.

New Dragonball Z Budokai HD Screenshots

by Enis Tezcanon October 23, 2012
In the anime world we all know, or at least, it’s safe to say that there is such a large portion of the community that remains hardcore Dragonball Z fans.


Dead or Alive 5 Launch Trailer Prepares Us For Release

by Jake Valentineon September 20, 2012
It seems like ages ago we were eagerly awaiting the release of Dead or Alive 4 during the Xbox 360’s launch window. Now, at the end of the console’s lifespan, Tecmo Koei is ready to release Dead or Alive 5 for both the Xbox 360 and PS3.


Team NINJA Unveils New Character, Stage & 3rd Ep. of “Fighter Chronicles”

by Enis Tezcanon September 13, 2012
  Yesterday, Team NINJA revealed yet another new fighter to grace the Dead or Alive fighting roster, as well as the third episode of the video series “Fighter Chronicles”. First off, we have Mila who is an up-and-coming MMA champ who’s score victories against opponents all around the world. She spends her days training vigorously […]

PAX Prime 2012 | PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Full Roster Impressions

by Ben Runningson September 7, 2012
After playing a lot of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale at E3, I could not wait to play more of it at PAX. Thankfully I got to play the game some more and this time with the full roster.


Dead Or Alive 5 “Opening Declaration” Trailer Revealed

by Enis Tezcanon August 10, 2012
On August 9th, TECMO KOEI America released its “Opening Declaration” trailer for the upcoming Dead or Alive 5. The trailer gives us a glimpse of the action and drama that is always involved with the tournament.


The Man With the Iron Fists is Here

by Breezyon July 13, 2012
Kung –Fu movies are one of my favorite movies to sit on the couch and watch. The fast pace fighting, the lore of some of the styles being displayed, even some of the antics the characters usually display. These movies are my guilty pleasure if I ever had one.

E3 2012 | PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale Isn’t Just A Smash Bros. Clone

by Jake Valentineon June 6, 2012
Okay, let’s get all of this out of the way: PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale looks a lot like Super Smash Bros. It does not, however, play like it.


E3 2012 – Dead or Alive 5 Delivers High Octane Action

by Jake Valentineon June 6, 2012
Call me crazy, but I love the Dead or Alive series, so you could say my expectations for Dead or Alive 5 to be, well, pretty high.

New Ninja Gaiden 3 DLC is Free for a Limited Time

by Ben Runningson April 25, 2012
Team Ninja has just released a brand new pack of DLC for Ninja Gaiden 3.The new DLC includes bonus challenge levels, new equipment and shadow rule for multiplayer, and the Ultimate Ninja difficulty for the single player campaign. This marks the third DLC pack for Ninja Gaiden 3 and unlike the previous DLCs, this one […]


Live Action Lollipop Chainsaw Trailer Cleans Up

by Ben Runningson April 5, 2012
In this latest Lollipop Chainsaw trailer we see just how Juliet gets clean after killing all those zombies. It also features the official live action model for Juliet who, I , uh, no comment. Maybe I’m alone in this, but I would rather have seen more of the game. I guess a cute girl bouncing […]
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Ninja Gaiden 3’s Developer Diaries Show You the Way of the Sword

by Ben Runningson March 17, 2012
Team Ninja today released the final developer diary showcasing Ninja Gaiden 3. The videos go over everything from the inspiration behind Ninja Gaiden 3 to adding competitive multiplayer to the series. There is plenty of gameplay to see as well as some behind the scenes content that might be too behind the scenes for some people. I, […]


Lollipop Chainsaw Shows Off the Bosses of Zombie Rock

by Ben Runningson March 16, 2012
Your favorite zombie slaughtering heroine, Juliet, is back in another trailer for Lollipop Chainsaw. This one shows off a few of the music themed bosses you can expect to face. In true Suda 51 fashion, it is also one of the most unique, bizarre, and awesome things you will see today. Don’t forget that the release […]