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Fanatical Five | Five Reasons GTA V Is The Best GTA

by Jeff Smithon September 13, 2013
It’s hard to imagine a gaming landscape without Rockstar North’s crime drama series, Grand Theft Auto. The term “open world game” likely wouldn’t inspire visions of a broad, living world without GTA’s constant groundbreaking.

Fanatical Five – Third Party Games on The Wii You Might Have Missed

by Arnellon August 16, 2013
With the Wii U available and a list of titles not currently available, this might be a good time to play some games you may have missed on its predecessor, the Wii. Sure, Nintendo’s first party line up of great Zelda and Mario games are a given, but what about some great hits from third […]


Fanatical Five – Ace Attorney Cases That Are Not The Final Case

by Arnellon August 2, 2013
Capcom’s resident attorney, Phoenix Wright, has made a big name for himself and is probably the most famous defense attorney in the video game world. He’s solved many cases and proved the many to be innocent. A lot of his cases were memorable, but most were just crescendo-ing to the final case of each game […]


Fanatical Five | Batman Stories You Should Read

by Greg DeVrieson June 15, 2013
Recently, Darrin did a list of the Top 5 Superman Stories You Should Read. Here’s my (our) counterpart: The Fanatical Five Top Batman Stories To Read.  Plus one. Was really hard to narrow it down. But thanks to the help of the rest of the crew, we were able to put our favorites together. Remember, these […]

Fanatical Five | Superman Stories You Should Read

by Darrin Wrighton June 14, 2013
It’s the summer of Superman, as DC Comics celebrates the Man of Steel‘s 75th anniversary.


Fanatical Five | Top Five Most Ridiculous Weapons In Gaming (Watch!)

by William Harmonon May 17, 2013
Have you ever played a game that seems to be going well, until a certain moment makes you stop and just sort of sit there?


Fanatical Five | Comics to Read During Saga’s Hiatus

by Greg DeVrieson May 16, 2013
Here at The Game Fanatics, we love Brian K. Vaughn’s Saga. It’s one of the most remarkable and interesting comics being published currently. I have successfully gotten many non-comics readers to read it. It has interesting characters, exciting locales and beautiful artwork. Unfortunately, it’s also on haitus, scheduled to return this fall. To help get through summer, […]

Fanatical Five: Top 5 Chubbiest Video Game Characters

by 8 Bit Briton May 7, 2013
Fanatical Five: Top 5 Chubbiest Video Game Characters

Injustice FI

The Fanatical Five | Characters We Want in Injustice: Gods Among Us

by Darrin Wrighton April 29, 2013
Injustice: Gods Among Us is now available in stores. We really liked it, as it blends great storytelling with great fighting gameplay, but it left us wanting a bit more. 

Five PS4 Games That Are Probably In Development

by Charles Powerson April 5, 2013
17 PS4 games are confirmed to be in development, and none of the titles in this video are on that magical list.

Iron Man 3 Movie Poster

Fanatical Five: Top 5 Suits We Want To See In Iron Man 3

by Darrin Wrighton February 28, 2013
Iron Man 3 hits theaters in May, and the knowledge that the Iron Patriot suit will appear in the movie, along with the reveal of the movie’s latest poster, got us thinking: which of Tony Stark‘s suits do we also want to see in live-action?

Fanatical 5 Game Characters With Whom We Fell In Love

by SamuRYon February 14, 2013
As gamers, we spend a lot of time with different video game characters, and knowing these characters strike different feelings within us. Feelings that belong in a Fanatical Five.


Fanatical Five Most Anticipated Games Of 2013

by SamuRYon February 13, 2013
Have you finished all your games from 2012? If not, you better get on your back log, because 2013 looks to be just as big if not bigger than the years past.