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Tekken 7 Gets Unreal; Announcement Trailer Revealed at EVO 2014

by Bryan Dupont-Grayon July 14, 2014
At the EVO Championship Series 2014, Namco Bandai announced that Tekken 7 is back and is getting a new engine too.
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Unreal Engine 4 Visual Effects Will Blow You Away

by Brian Murphyon February 19, 2014
Unreal Engine, designed by Epic Games, was first introduced in 1998. Since then it’s gone through many changes and improvements to enhance the experience for gamers worldwide.


Microsoft Acquires ‘Gears of War’ Franchise from Epic Games

by Matt Akerson February 3, 2014
Microsoft has reached a deal with North Carolina-based studio Epic Games to acquire its Gears of War franchise. Microsoft Studios has published the Gears of War series since its first entry back in 2006, but will own all existing and future games in their entirety henceforth.


Bonus Aftermath Campaign in Gears of War: Judgment

by Drew Hubbardon March 7, 2013
Epic Games Gears of War: Judgment, billed as a prequel, will contain an extra campaign, titled simply Aftermath. 

NCsoft Purchases an Unreal Engine 4 License

by Nick Pinkertonon February 15, 2013
Epic Games has announced NCsoft‘s purchase of a license for Unreal Engine 4.


Gears of War: Judgement Early Access

by Enis Tezcanon January 28, 2013
Get Early Access to Gears of War: Judgment OverRun Mode Through GameStop Pre-Order Today, GameStop, Microsoft and Epic Games announced that fans across the United States will be able to obtain early access to the new OverRun Mode, to join the fight against the Locust Horde! Early access on Xbox LIVE will begin on March […]

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Why Epic Games Needs a New Unreal Tournament

by Nick Pinkertonon January 22, 2013
It’s time to bring back Unreal Tournament.
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G-Spot Podcast Episode 64 | Resident Evil 6

by Gspot Podcaston October 9, 2012
“Wait, zombie president? Ok, I’m cool with that.”


Kickstart The Future With Oculus VR Headset

by Jeff Smithon August 1, 2012
3D VR Headsets have been attempted before, but the new Oculus Rift may be the first to get it right.

E3 2012 | Unreal Engine 4: Elemental Demo

by Breezyon June 10, 2012
In what has to be a tech demo representation of the common phrase thrown around in Game of Thrones; ‘winter is coming’. Epic Games have released something that has everyone starting off cold but ends up making them hot.


This Is Unreal Engine 4

by Jake Valentineon May 17, 2012
Earlier this year behind closed doors, Epic Games showed of a demo of what’s possible with Unreal Engine 4. Today, those details and screen shots have been made public.
Mercenary Ops

Mercenary Ops, a New Third-Person PC Shooter, Announced

by Charles Powerson April 17, 2012
Epic Games China, more appropriately known as Yingpei Games, Ltd, announced today their upcoming project, Mercenary Ops, a PC-exclusive shooter coming out this summer. Powered by the Unreal engine and featuring Nvidia’s PhysX, Mercenary Ops combines tactical gameplay, fast-paced action, and character customization. [pullquote_left]Killing became our business[/pullquote_left]Boasting advanced covering mechanics and an active reload system, Mercenary Ops is already being […]


Bulletstorm Will Not Be Getting A Sequel Any Time Soon

by Chris Calasahanon April 10, 2012
Last year’s 1st-person shooter by Epic Games & People Can Fly, Bulletstorm, filled with bad language and chaos does not seem like it will be receiving a second installment anywhere in the near future.  Epic Games’ Mike Capps had discussed this disappointing news with GameSpot at PAX East this past weekend. [quote]We thought a lot about a […]