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The Amazing Spiderman 2 Review | All Filler, Little Killer

by Chanté Goodmanon May 7, 2014
After hearing about how many villains had been stuffed into one instalment, people were astonished at how they would all have the needed amount of screen time to make us love to hate them.

The Amazing Spider-Man – Special 4 Minute Trailer

by Ryan Smithon May 17, 2012
Today, Sony Pictures has released a 4 minute trailer of the upcoming summer blockbuster, The Amazing Spider-Man.


New Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

by Ryan Smithon February 7, 2012
While the trailer posted yesterday is a little newer, we can’t resist sharing this other trailer for the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man movie.


The Amazing Spider-Man: New Trailer

by BlackKrystelon February 6, 2012
One of the world’s most popular comic book characters swings back to the big screen with this new chapter in the Spider-Man legacy: The Amazing Spider-Man. This will focus on an untold story that tells a different side of the Peter Parker story. With this new trailer you gain a closer look into how the […]