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March 2, 2015

Battlefield Hardline Premium Offers Exclusive Membership

EA announced their new Battlefield Hardline Premium program, is it worth the $50?
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February 13, 2015

Next Mass Effect Title Will Have Multiplayer

BioWare is hard at work on the next Mass Effect title and according to some tweets, the studio looking for a producer for the game’s online component.

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February 11, 2015

EA’s Blake Jorgensen teases Titanfall 2 won’t be Xbox exclusive

Will we see Titanfall 2 launch on PS4?
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February 5, 2015

Sims 4 Expansion Brings the Grown-Up Jobs

So the Sims 4 will soon have more professions to choose from, for a price…ironic?

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January 28, 2015

Battlefield Hardline’s Open Beta Launch Date Prematurely Confirmed

A listing has appeared on Xbox’s official website which confirms a February 3rd launch date for Visceral and EA‘s cops-and-robbers Battlefield Hardline open beta.

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January 22, 2015

Battlefield Hardline Coming to Xbox One Early Via EA Access

For all those Xbox One owners looking for some frantic fun this March, Battlefield Hardline will be made available to Microsoft‘s eighth-generation console first thanks to EA Access.

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August 13, 2014

Gamescom 2014 | Battlefield Hardline Reveals Cop Chases & eSport Mode

Battlefield Hardline announces the addition of high speed cop chases in both multiplayer and eSport mode at Gamescom today.
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August 13, 2014

Gamescom 2014 | BioWare’s New IP Revealed “Shadow Realms”

EA announced BioWare's new IP at Gamescom today called Shadow Realms.
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August 13, 2014

Gamescom 2014 | Dragon Age: Inquisition Trailer Revealed; Inquisitor Role is Huge!

At Gamescom 2014, EA and Bioware have unleashed a gorgeous and fast-paced trailer for the third most anticipated title in the Dragon Age franchise. Judging from what can be seen in the trailer, Dragon Age: Inquisition brings back some old and new races that fans have been dying to play as.

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July 29, 2014

Exclusive Xbox One EA Subscription Service Announced

EA announced today a new subscription service exclusive to Xbox One that will start at just $4.99 a month or $29.99 annually.

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