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E3 2014 | Aonuma: “No One Said That Was Link” In Zelda Trailer

by Alex Androskion June 10, 2014
Today, in Nintendo’s E3 Direct video, we were treated to the reveal of a new, gorgeous, open-world Zelda game. The trailer showed us a lithe, green-hooded protagonist riding a horse and using spectacular looking weaponry such as a bow. While they weren’t wearing a green tunic, they were wearing a bright blue shirt like Link wore in The Legend […]

E3 2014 | Splatoon Poised To Be The Best Squid-Based Shooter For Wii U

by Alex Androskion June 10, 2014
In Nintendo’s E3 Direct presentation this morning, they showed off a brand new game from a brand new franchise: Splatoon. In a surprisingly uncharacteristic move, it’s a third-person multiplayer shooter. You also play as ink-gun-toting squid girls. Nintendo spent a solid amount of time in their E3 Direct presentation showing off gameplay footage from Splatoon, including […]

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E3 2014 | LittleBigPlanet 3 Demo Shows New Inators, Characters

by Jeff Smithon June 10, 2014
Amidst the Mortal Kombat and Battlefield on display at this year’s E3, Sackboy and company return to bring Play, Create, and Share to the new generation of consoles.

Final fantasy Type 0

E3 2014 | Fantasy Type-0 Coming West

by James Marshon June 10, 2014
Square Enix have revealed that the fan favorite Final Fantasy Type-0, originally released on the PSP in Japan is now confirmed to be coming over except not on PSP, or PS Vita (as an error on the PlayStation Blog suggested) but on both PS4 and Xbox One.
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E3 2014 | Nintendo’s Amiibo To Rival Skylanders

by Tom Dearsleyon June 10, 2014
Nintendo enters the interactive toy add-on market with Amiibo!


E3 2014 | Secret Projects Rumored, Star Fox Coming To Wii U

by Chanté Goodmanon June 10, 2014
Time Magazine has reported that Shigeru Miyamoto has announced they are working on bringing Star Fox to the Wii U.

yoshi wooly

E3 2014 | Yoshi’s Woolly World For Wii U Detailed

by Tom Dearsleyon June 10, 2014
Yoshi gets his own game! Nintendo shows off a trailer at E3 2014 for Yoshi’s Woolly World.

E3 2014 | Make Your Own Mario Levels With Mario Maker

by Kate Reedon June 10, 2014
Mario Maker for Wii U was announced during Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event.

mii fighter

E3 2014 | Smash Bros To Feature Mii Fighters

by Tom Dearsleyon June 10, 2014
Nintendo introduces custom Mii Fighters to Super Smash Bros

E3 2014 | Batman: Arkham Knight Live Demo

by Jeff Smithon June 10, 2014
During Sony’s E3 press event earlier today, Rocksteady showed the first public gameplay demo of Batman: Arkham Knight.


E3 2014 | Skulls Smash In Mortal Kombat X Trailer

by Bryan Dupont-Grayon June 10, 2014
There can only be one word that perfectly describes the new Mortal Kombat X gameplay trailer revealed today at Sony’s E3 2014 press conference, and that word is ‘carnage.’

E3 2014 | Far Cry 4 Gameplay

by Kate Reedon June 9, 2014
E3 2014's Sony press conference brought a look at Far Cry 4 gameplay, different than what was shown at Ubisoft's conference.


E3 2014 | Zombies Unleashed in Dead Island 2 Trailer

by Bryan Dupont-Grayon June 9, 2014
Prepare to get eaten by a lot of zombies as Dead Island 2 is announced at Sony's E3 presser.