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Super Mario 3D World

E3 2013 | Super Mario 3D World Is The Cat’s Pajamas

by Jake Valentineon June 30, 2013
Leading up to E3, Nintendo promised to reveal an all new 3D Mario adventure for the Wii U. While thoughts of a third Mario Galaxy danced through our heads, we weren’t quite expecting Super Mario 3D World. Combining the classic platforming of a 2D Mario title with the free-roaming capabilities of a 3D Mario game, […]
Wolfenstein: The New Order

E3 2013 | Wolfenstein: The New Order Feels Like A 90s FPS

by Jake Valentineon June 28, 2013
The Wolfenstein franchise is something that’s near and dear to my heart. It was one of my first experiences not only in the first-person shooter genre, but gaming entirely.


PS4 has 30 Sony Exclusives in Development

by Henry Hollawayon June 26, 2013
PS4’s first year just became even more exciting.

Tekken Revolution

E3 2013 | Tekken Revolution Brings the Arcade to You

by William Harmonon June 19, 2013
The latest installment of this long standing fighting franchise sees some major shifts away from the genre norms. Most impressive of these is the free to play model. Tekken Revolution is now out on the PSN.

E3 2013 | Rocksmith 2014 Rocks

by William Harmonon June 19, 2013
Now I’m not a musician, but Rocksmith 2014 may be the coolest music game I’ve ever seen. Unlike the rhythm games I’ve played (and we’ve all played) in the past, Rocksmith really… well it really isn’t even in the same category. It’s not about button sequences for points.


E3 2013 | The Witcher 3 is Off to a Strong Start

by William Harmonon June 19, 2013
Despite an early alpha build, I not only had the opportunity to scope out some extended Witcher 3 gameplay, but also had a one on one with Game Director Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, and I’ve got to say that this game is coming out the gates looking rock solid.


E3 2013 | Why We Should Love The Division

by William Harmonon June 19, 2013
Not many details are known about The Division, but those that are, are the important ones. We know that the game is a persistent MMO world. We know like more MMOs, this game has heavy RPG elements. Players will be finding new items, equipment, and skills throughout their in game experience.
gspot g-spot banner

G-Spot Podcast Episode 97 | E3 2013 Recap Rewind Revengeance

by Gspot Podcaston June 18, 2013
“The Xbox One is a squirt gun.” E3 2013, let’s do this, it’s the G-Spot Podcast Episode 97!


E3 2013 | What Should You Buy?

by William Harmonon June 17, 2013
E3 this year was, as you all may expect, pretty overwhelming. With next gen consoles, big name 3rd party announcements, and the recent explosion of indie development, there was a lot to take in. I’m going to do my best, however, to tell you which games were, in my opinion, most promising. Some of these […]
Star Trek phone cases by PowerA

E3 2013 | Star Trek: TNG Mobile Phone Cases Beam from PowerA Display

by Michelle Quillenon June 17, 2013
If you’re one of the 67 million viewers who tune into syndicated episodes of Star Trek and just happened to be at E3 this year, hopefully you were vigilant enough to catch PowerA’s new Star Trek: TNG range of mobile phone cases.


E3 2013 | Wargaming Announces World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition

by Joel Ramirezon June 16, 2013
World of Tanks is heading to the Xbox 360. Wargaming, developers and publishers of World of Tanks, is about to make their console debut with World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition.
lightning-returns logo

E3 2013 | Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is a Fresh Take on the Series

by Ben Runningson June 15, 2013
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is one of the most different things Square has done with the series in years and I like where it is going.


E3 2013 | Splinter Cell: Blacklist Goes a bit Closer Back to its Roots

by Ben Runningson June 15, 2013
Splinter Cell: Blacklist is well on its way to assuring fans that there series is back on track with a large focus on stealth.