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Batman Arkham Origins Screenshot

Feast Your Eyes on Brand New Batman: Arkham Origins Screenshots

by Charles Powerson April 28, 2013
The weekend is rounding up, sad we know, but we’ve got a prime selection of Batman: Arkham Origins screenshots to make you forget all about your weekend woes.
Batman: Arkham Origins Logo

More Details and First Screenshots Of Batman: Arkham Origins

by Charles Powerson April 9, 2013
A few hours ago our jaws dropped at the announcement of Batman: Arkham Origins, and now we’ve got  first-ever screenshots to feast our eyes on.

Batman: Arkham Origins

Yes, A New Batman: Arkham Game Is Coming This Fall

by Charles Powerson April 9, 2013
Back in February we brought you about reports of a new Batman: Arkham game floating around the internet, and now it’s confirmed.

Press Start

What We Played | July 16 – 22

by Jennifer Kibbleon July 23, 2012
This is a weekly segment where we share what games we are currently playing for our readers to get to know us a bit better.
Episode 3

Game Fanatics Show Episode 3

by Charles Powerson May 18, 2012
Episode 3 of the Game Fanatics Show, watch @FanaticalG and @RyCayari talk the latest in video game culture.


Macken Movie Update – Dark Knight Rises: First look at Bane

by Samon May 23, 2011
World…Say ‘hello’ to Bane Hardly one week into shooting has began for Christopher Nolan’s final Bat-tastic adventure, and the ol’ guy just cant help himself. Why we all sit refreshing our favourite Batman rumour movie blogs, Nolan goes and throws a curve ball. Giving us the first look at one of the most intimidating and […]

Macken Movie Update – Dark knight rises: Cast update

by Samon May 14, 2011
Rumours have emerged, reporting that actor Alon Aboutboul has been casted for Dark Knight Rises. The Israeli actor, who’s married to director Shir Bilya is supposedly set to play the films ‘Mad Scientist‘. However it has not been confirmed or denied by Warner studios. Naturally any Bat-fan would jump to the conclusion of Hugo Strange, […]

Macken Movie Update – Dark Knight Rises: Cast Update

by Samon April 19, 2011
Warner Bros Studio has announced that Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Inception), will both have key roles in the final Batman Installment ‘Dark Knight Rises’. Firstly Marion Cottilard will play the role of Miranda Tate. A Board member for Wayne Enterprizes, who is eager for Bruce to take his true place as the Leader of […]