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SDCC 2014|Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Trailer Revealed

by James Marshon July 30, 2014
At SDCC this weekend Warner Bros. shared a new Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham trailer with us. It shows the game well, demonstrating both the same art style and sense of humor that we’ve all come to know and love from the Lego games.
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SLCC 2013: New Comic Con in Salt Lake City

by Nick Keoganon September 17, 2013
History was made in Salt Lake City on September 5th 2013. Salt Lake City, Utah held its first ever Comic Con: Salt Lake Comic Con.


SDCC 2013 | Watch Video Games Live This Weekend

by Jennifer Kibbleon July 18, 2013
Twitch TV will be bringing Video Games Live from the San Diego Comic Con to you!

tokidoki Marvel Line

NYCC 2012 | Exclusive: Interview with tokidoki Creator, Simone Legno

by Charles Powerson October 19, 2012
It’s no secret that we here at TGF are huge fans of the tokidoki brand, and this past weekend we got to talk to the man behind the brand at New York Comic Con 2012.

NYCC 2012 | Celebrate N7 Day With Blasto!

by Jeff Smithon October 13, 2012
He’s cooler than a polar bear, he’s more dashing than Han Solo, and he’s even pinker than bubble gum. And now, he’s got a comic all to his own.


NYCC 2012 | Gearing up for New York Comic Con!

by Charles Powerson October 13, 2012
We’re gearing up to attend the biggest geek culture event to hit the East Coast, New York Comic Con! Charles and Kae here reporting live in New York, currently drinking tea and resting our poor legs as we spend our weekend surrounded by geeks and nerds alike.


NYCC | Do You Dare to Collect Sovereign

by Jennifer Kibbleon October 12, 2012
Mass Effect fans and collectors of video game toys, I mean collectibles, rejoice! The large-scale Mass Effect Reaper, Sovereign is available for preorder today!

Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC Coming Next Month

by Jeff Smithon October 12, 2012
We’ve caught wind of a report that Mass Effect 3 could have another DLC pack coming this November, and it will be big.


SDCC 2012 | Deadpool Game Coming Soon from High Moon Studios

by Jason Chestnuton July 14, 2012
High Moon Studios, the developer best known for Transformers: War for Cybertron, have announced that they are currently working on a game based on Marvel’s “merc with a mouth”.

SDCC 2012 | Topps Celebrates 50 Years of Mayhem with Mars Attacks!

by Jason Chestnuton July 13, 2012
In 1962 the Topps trading card company released a provocative set of cards detailing a martian invasion that was both a sensation with science fiction fans and controversial among said fans’ disapproving parents. 


Capcom Announces its Lineup for Comic-Con 2012

by William Harmonon July 11, 2012
Comic-Con is pretty serious business. If you’re getting your news from us, you probably agree. Apparently, Capcom does too. This year, Capcom is throwing out a huge line-up of some pretty killer events and panels for all you attending.

SDCC 2012 | Pantheon Books Will Make An Appearance

by Logan Myeron June 21, 2012
During this year’s San Diego Comic Con, Pantheon Books will be participating by bringing some of their latest and upcoming book releases with them. 


New DC USB Flash Drives

by Marisa Sundellon June 14, 2012
Mimoco, creator of the MIMOBOT line of designer USB flash drives has introduced the brand new Batman (“The Dark Knight Rises” edition), the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Bane (“The Dark Knight Rises” edition), Superman and The Flash MIMOBOT USB flash drives to their collection of superhero USBs.