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Goodbye City of Heroes and City of Villains

by Jennifer Kibbleon November 30, 2012
City of Heroes will be shutting down their servers today, November 30th at 11:59pm pacific time.

The Top Five Fall 2012 Vacation Spots

by Jennifer Kibbleon October 6, 2012
Happy Fall, Fanatics! Here we are once again, as I inform you on the places that you need to check out this fall, be it for a quick getaway or a long overdo vacation.

Press Start

What We Played | September 3 – 9

by Jennifer Kibbleon September 10, 2012
Welcome to Press Start! This is a weekly segment that dives into what we here at The Game Fanatics are currently playing.

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PAX Prime 2012 | Free to Play Games Panel

by Jennifer Kibbleon September 1, 2012
When anyone hears the words “free-to-play”, it’s either a death sentence or a phrase of elation. For me, it is a death sentence, so yes, I might be a bias but I am open to free-to-play, if it is done right and embraced by the community.

City of Heroes is No More

by Jennifer Kibbleon September 1, 2012
NCSoft has announced that they are shutting down Paragon Studios, which means the servers for the super hero MMO, City of Heroes will be shutting down roughly around November of this year.

Press Start

What We Played for Week Ending May 13

by Jennifer Kibbleon May 14, 2012
This is a weekly segment where we share what games we are currently playing for our readers to get to know us a bit better. Said games can range from retro to current and from casual to FPS games. If we’re playing it, we’ll share it. Please feel free to comment with what you’re playing […]


Picking the Right MMO: Thoughts on SWTOR

by Jennifer Kibbleon December 2, 2011
Picking the right MMO can be a bit tricky. You have to weigh in every factor to figure out which MMO is for you. Some based it on the community while others enjoy playing solo. For any game, MMO or not, I believe the main ingredient is the story. Without a good story, a game […]

City of Heroes Going Free to Play

by Jennifer Kibbleon June 21, 2011
City of Heroes will soon become City of Heroes Freedom and will be a free to play MMO. City of Heroes has been going strong for over seven years and they are now going the same route as Champions Online. “All current City of Heroes subscribers will automatically be upgraded to VIP accounts when City […]


City of Heroes Meets Steampunk

by Jennifer Kibbleon May 19, 2011
City of Heroes has been going strong for seven years and has just announced the Steampunk pack that will be available on June 1st. The pack will cost under $10 dollars for both US and UK servers and will offer new outfits, emotes and travel power. Both heroes and villains of the game are able […]
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Thirty Days of Video Games: Day Five – Who Would You Be?

by Jennifer Kibbleon March 11, 2011
First character that came to mind was the female lead in Dragon Age: Origins. After some thought however, Gray Wardens only live for another thirty years after drinking the blood of dark spawn, so that’s a bit of a turn off. I haven’t played that much of Dragon Age 2 to say Lady Hawke but […]