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CES 2014 | Gunnar Optiks Decks Out its Intercept Line

by Nick Pinkertonon January 20, 2014
Gunnar Optiks, the maker of popular gaming and PC-usage eyewear, have released several new color options for its Intercept product line.

PlayStation Now: True Cloud Gaming Across All Sony Platforms

by Charles Powerson January 20, 2014
Dubbed PlayStation Now, Sony's streaming service will allow gamers to stream games from their PlayStation 4, Vita, and eventually non-gaming devices such as Sony BRAVIA TV sets.


CES 2014 | T-Mobile Proves They Are Fastest in the Nation

by Marisa Sundellon January 14, 2014
After collecting data pertaining to the speed of their 4G LTE network from actual customers, T-Mobile has announced that their network is currently the fastest in the nation.

Origin PC’s Millennium and Genesis Cases, the Most Customizable Cases on the Market

by Bryan Fosteron January 14, 2014
It’s Friday night, you have a gorgeous date to prepare for, and you’ve spent hours getting ready for it. Then right before you leave you realize you could have done a better job with your color combination, and suddenly, it’s back to square one. You go through the same process when you start building a […]

CES 2014 | Sony’s ‘Core’ is a Wearable Life Tracker

by Matt Akerson January 13, 2014
At the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week, Sony unveiled a small, lightweight sensor called a Core. The device is part of Sony's new SmartWear line, a series of products dedicated to seamlessly integrating users' physical and social activity.


CES 2014 | Galaxy S5 Could Use Eye-Scanning Technology

by Matt Akerson January 13, 2014
During CES this week, Samsung told a reporter from Bloomberg that the company is experimenting with iris-scanning technology, which may be incorporated into the upcoming Galaxy S5 smart phone.


CES 2014 | Origin PC Is Pretty Good At Running Games

by William Harmonon January 13, 2014
I’m a console guy. I’ve gamed on consoles most of my life and I stick to them. However, even I have to admit this video is pretty rad.
Origin PC Millennium

CES 2014 | Origin PC Reveals Customizable Desktop Cases

by Matt Akerson January 8, 2014
At the Computer Electronics Show (CES) on Tuesday, custom PC company Origin PC revealed two redesigned entries to its customizable desktop tower series.


CES 2014 | Live Smart with Razer’s Nabu Smartband

by Katerina Perichon January 8, 2014
If you’re familiar with Razer, then you know the company usually specializes in gaming gear such as tablets, gaming laptops, and other accessories.
download (3)

CES 2014 | Mad Catz Announces New R.A.T. TE Gaming Mouse

by William Harmonon January 8, 2014
The R.A.T. TE (for Tournament Edition) is the latest piece of hardware announced by Mad Catz Interactive at CES this year. As the name would suggest, this mouse is designed with the professional competitive scene directly in mind.


Fanatical Five | Five Things PlayStation Now Needs to Succeed

by Darrin Wrighton January 8, 2014
As you may have seen yesterday, Sony has announced their new game streaming service, PlayStation Now, at CES 2014. It sounds cool, but will it live up to the hype?

CES 2014 | Nvidia Simplifies GameStream with Certified PCs, Routers

by Luis Mendezon January 7, 2014
When Nvidia originally announced the Shield, they showed off the device’s ability to stream games from a PC onto a portable device. The idea of the technology is great, but it requires specific requirements for the GameStream technology to work at it’s best.


CES 2014 | Sony Announces PlayStation Now Streaming Service

by Darrin Wrighton January 7, 2014
When Sony bought the Gaikai streaming service, we all started anticipating a PS3 game streaming service for the PS4. What we’re apparently getting is something more.