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uncharted block mesh map

Uncharted 3 Receives New Block Mesh Map in Recent Lab Update

by Katerina Perichon November 7, 2012
With the hustle and bustle of the Election yesterday, you probably didn’t find much time to play Uncharted 3; if you missed the news, you can now play a brand new Block Mesh Map designed by former Naughty Dog Lead Designer, Richard Lemarchand.

Gamers Unite and Help Bring Illo to Life in this Interesting Kickstarter

by Katerina Perichon October 30, 2012
This day and age it seems that everyone turns to Kickstarter for funding; whether it’s a project, a fundraiser, or a campaign, Kickstarter has become one of the most popular sources used to raise funds and awareness.  Today we’re going to introduce you to illo, one of the cutest “blobs” you’ll probably ever see, and […]

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This New Bioshock Infinite Trailer Is Incredible

by Jeff Smithon October 21, 2012
If you were hoping that Bioshock Infinite would be ever harder to wait for, your sadistic wish has been granted.


NYCC 2012: Check Out These Exclusive Nathan Drake Figures

by Katerina Perichon October 8, 2012
If you’re heading to New York Comic Con this week, make sure to stop by the ESC-Toy Booth (#3015) to check out two awesome exclusive Nathan Drake vinyl figures from ESC-Toy and Erick Scarecrow.

The Last of Us Takes Over Naughty Dog TV

by Katerina Perichon September 19, 2012
It’s been an intense 5 years for Naughty Dog; from first introducing us to Nathan Drake in 2007, to gaining extreme success from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception for the past three years.


PAX Prime 2012 | The West Coast is The Best Coast: Katerina’s PAX Prime Adventure

by Katerina Perichon September 5, 2012
It seemed like an endless wait; “10 DAYS! 9 DAYS! 8 DAYS!” and as Wednesday August 29th approached, I found myself pulling the covers over my head, calling out of work, and spending the last few hours I had left in Maryland, packing.

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Fractured Soul Shows Another Dimension To Platforming

by Jeff Smithon August 31, 2012
The dual-screen concept of Nintendo’s original DS spurred plenty of creativity, but recent success on 3DS shows that there was still more that could be done. Fractured Soul is poised to be just that.

Final Capsized+ Screenshots Released

by Katerina Perichon August 8, 2012
If you’ve been waiting for more information on Capsized+, then today’s your lucky day.  Straight from indiePub, we have the final pack of screenshots to share with you, showcasing the environment, the control system, and our adorable little space hero!


Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Multiplayer Gets a Major Update with Patch 1.13

by Katerina Perichon August 7, 2012
Today, August 7th 2012, marks the day that Naughty Dog makes multiplayer history as Patch 1.13 (ND’s biggest patch ever) rolls out over the next 24 hours.  With loads of new content, gameplay adjustments, and other features to boost the community and maximize your Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception multiplayer gameplay experience, Patch 1.13 may just […]

Zumba Fitness Core Coming in October 2012

by Katerina Perichon August 6, 2012
Zumba fitness has taken over the video game market, creating a fun and interactive way to stay fit and lose weight.  Making it’s way onto shelves in October of 2012, Zumba Fitness Core by Majesco Entertainment plans to provide a rockin’ good time with some awesome, new, heart-stomping songs and routines! 


Spy vs Spy Digitally Remastered for Apple Devices

by Katerina Perichon July 30, 2012
If you’re into retro reboots, then what I’m about to tell you might just tickle your fancy.  Originally for the Commodore 64; Apple // series; and Atari 400/800, Spy vs Spy was a breakout hit “back in the day,” and has now been digitally remastered for all Apple devices!

FREE GAME ALERT – Bomb The Zombies Now Available

by Katerina Perichon July 27, 2012
If there’s one creature I never tire of seeing in games, it’s zombies (especially cute, colorful, cartoon zombies); and if you’re big into mobile gaming like myself, prepare to indulge as I tell you about a new, free mobile game available for Apple and Android devices called Bomb The Zombies.


Capsized+ Coming to iPad

by Katerina Perichon July 5, 2012
Indie developer Alientrap is proud to announce that Capsized+ is finally coming to the iPad!  Make your way through an unknown alien planet in this artistically unique 2D platform game.