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New Lego Hobbit Game Coming in the Spring

by Nick Pinkertonon November 28, 2013
Warner Bros. has announced that it will release a Lego: The Hobbit game in Spring 2014, several months prior to the trilogy’s last film, There and Back Again — due out December 17, 2014.

Deep Silver Reveals More Dead Island Riptide and Sacred 3 News

by Nick Pinkertonon September 3, 2012
Deep Silver has clued us in on  two of its upcoming titles: Dead Island Riptide: Drowning Hope and Sacred 3.


Signal Studios Ascend: New Gods To Be Free To Play

by Joel Ramirezon August 31, 2012
Signal Studios has announced that their upcoming action RPG, Ascend: New Gods, will be one of the first free to play games released on Xbox Live.


TERA Now Offering Seven Day Trial

by Jake Valentineon June 13, 2012
We loved our time with TERA, but what if you’re still on the outside looking in? En Masse Entertainment has you covered with a seven day trial.

Diablo III Sells 6.3 Million Copies In Just One Week

by Jake Valentineon May 23, 2012
What a week it’s been for Diablo III. Going against launch issues, Blizzard‘s latest title was still able to sell 6.3 million copies.

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Gazillion Entertainment Reveals A Glimpse At The Upcoming MMO Marvel Heroes

by Chris Calasahanon May 23, 2012
Gazillion Entertainment, has revealed the first details for the upcoming MMO Marvel Heroes.


Diablo III Gameplay Video

by Jake Valentineon May 16, 2012
Good news, everyone! Despite some issues with Battle.NET, we’re through the first two acts of Diablo III! Here’s a video of several minutes of gameplay footage with the Barbarian and Monk classes.

Razer Naga Hex Prepares To Conquer MOBAs And Action RPGs Everywhere

by Jake Valentineon May 1, 2012
The toll a mouse takes when you’re playing an intense game of Heroes of Newerth, a close battle in DotA 2, dodging through enemies as you attack in TERA, or the amount of pain you’ll be giving it in Diablo III can be pretty unbearable at times. Luckily, the folks at Razer have your back. Introducing the […]

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Tera Head Start Schedule Detailed By En Masse Entertainment

by Jake Valentineon April 27, 2012
TERA, the upcoming MMORPG from En Masse Entertianment, will unofficially launch tomorrow, giving those who pre-ordered the game a head start to reach the preliminary level cap of 38 before the game publicly releases May 1st.

TERA Online’s Open Beta Left Quite An Impression On Us

by Jake Valentineon April 27, 2012
We enjoyed our time with TERA back at PAX East, so we were naturally excited to dive into the open beta. While William rolled a Mystic, I enjoyed leveling up my Warrior in anticipation for the head start this upcoming weekend.


New Release Date for Console Version of Risen 2

by Jason Chestnuton April 23, 2012
It looks like Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 players will have to wait a little bit longer to lift their anchors and set sail upon the monster ridden seas of Risen 2: Dark Waters. Deep Silver has announced that the Piranha Bytes developed pirate-themed action RPG will be released on consoles on July 31 in […]

TERA Promises Improved Early Level Play, Adjusted Storyline To Reveal Deeper Lore

by Jake Valentineon April 18, 2012
While there’s a general consensus that we enjoyed our time with TERA at PAX East, there was a concern that we’d be playing a game more akin to Dynasty Warriors than an MMORPG. However, a new blog post from TERA‘s official website shines some light on the issue, possibly even giving us hope for a questing experience […]


Dragon’s Dogma Demo Available April 24 on Xbox Live and PSN!

by Jason Chestnuton April 16, 2012
Capcom announced today that they will be releasing a demo for their forthcoming third-person action RPG Dragon’s Dogma on both Xbox Live and the PlayStation network on April 24. The demo allows you to try out two of the classes from the full game, the Fighter and the Strider, in two “challenging encounters”. You also […]