Halo MCC

Halo: The Master Chief Collection’s Achievements Revealed

by Max Delgadoon October 10, 2014
Back in the summer of this year, Halo: The Master Chief Collection was announced at E3. Executive Producer Dan Ayub revealed that the game would be the first Xbox One title to feature a total of 4,000 GamerScore. Well, today marks the unveiling of that monstrous achievement list.

New Far Cry 4 Trailer Will Leave You “Crawling” For More

by Bryan Dupont-Grayon October 10, 2014
There have been plenty of game trailers in the past that mix hip-hop music with awesome showcases of a particular game’s art. With that in mind Ubisoft has followed suit in that trend by adding one of Childish Gambino’s tracks from his “Beacause The Internet” album to compliment yet another trailer for Far Cry 4.

Halo MCC

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Playlists Revealed & The Future of the Series

by Max Delgadoon October 10, 2014
Spotted over on the web earlier this week, news of the Multiplayer playlists for Halo: The Master Chief Collection have finally surfaced. As of now, the planned playlists are looking great!
Halo MCC Warlord

Halo: The Master Chief Collection Adds a Remastered Warlock to the Roster

by Max Delgadoon October 10, 2014
Halo: The Master Chief Collection is just about a month away. Earlier today, Microsoft officially announced that fan-favorite Warlock will be the sixth and final remastered map in Halo 2‘s Multiplayer.

Super Smash Bros. 3DS Review | Smashingly Mediocre

by Bryan Dupont-Grayon October 9, 2014
Considering its overall wide acceptance across the industry and its integration in several e-sport/fighting game competitions, it almost seems like the Super Smash Bros. series can do no wrong, so Super Smash Bros. 3DS must be good, right? Think again.

Sonic Boom Feature

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, can it break the Sonic Cycle?

by James Wynneon October 9, 2014
Long time Sonic fans know what the Sonic Cycle is, a three step waltz of announcement, anticipation, and disappointment repeated ad nauseam. Aside from Sonic Colors and the first Sonic Rush if you consider handhelds, you could only call Sonic games mediocre at very best, having to go back to the Sonic Adventure titles to […]
Battlefield 4 Premium Edition

Battlefield 4 Premium Edition Coming Late October

by Max Delgadoon October 9, 2014
The battlefield just got a lot more hectic with EA’s most recent announcement of Battlefield 4 Premium Edition due to come out later this month.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare E3 2014 The Game Fanatics (4)

Buy a Digital Copy of Advanced Warfare and Get a Free Next-Gen Upgrade

by 8 Bit Briton October 8, 2014
Purchase a digital copy of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and receive a free next-gen upgrade... for a limited time!
Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts III To Be Powered By Unreal Engine 4

by Max Delgadoon October 8, 2014
When Kingdom Hearts III was announced back at 2013’s E3, fans of the series were going nuts in anticipation for Square Enix’s biggest project. Unfortunately, that wait may be longer than some of us have expected due to the decision of transitioning between game engines.
DriveClub's PS Plus Edition Has Been Delayed Indefinitely

DriveClub’s PS Plus Edition Has Been Delayed Indefinitely

by Jake Valentineon October 8, 2014
If you were looking for DriveClub‘s PS Plus Edition and couldn’t find it yesterday, you’re not going crazy. You’re also not alone; many others were reporting the same problem.


Defense Grid 2 Review | More Choice Than You Can Shake A Tower At

by Tom Dearsleyon October 7, 2014
Fanatical Choice!
The sweating, the tears, the expletives make your victory oh so more gratifying.
destiny hype train

Fanatical Rant | Brainwashing or How Destiny Became Popular

by James Wynneon October 7, 2014
If nothing else, 2014 should be remembered as the year of undue hype.
Metareview | DriveClub

Metareview | DriveClub

by Jake Valentineon October 7, 2014
After a nearly 11 month long delay, DriveClub is finally releasing for the PlayStation 4 this week. What do critics think of the Evolution Studios racer? Let’s find out.

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