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No Shame November – I’m A Big Mutha Trucker

by DaJuan Harrison November 5, 2011
This month we are featuring dirty little secret confessions from our staff here at The Game Fanatics. We all have done something shady, sneaky and totally messed to get our way in a video game. Make sure you take the time and go through all of the “No Shame November” articles from the TGF staff […]

Need For Speed Releases New Spot For Latest Game Through The Eyes Of Michael Bay

by Chris Calasahanon November 5, 2011
Need For Speed: The Run is set to be released November 15th and to help create buzz for this upcoming racing title, EA Games has brought in Michael Bay to help produce a trailer with in-game footage.  The director responsible for the action frenzied films The Rock, Bad Boys 1 &2, and the recent Transformers trilogy is […]


The New Rainbow Six is Finally Here

by Breezyon November 4, 2011
ITS HERE!!!!! ITS FINALLY HERE!!!!! ZOMG!!!! Please excuse my earlier outburst, but I am above and beyond excited for the official announcement of the new Rainbow Six: Patriots for the Playstation 3 (PS3) and Xbox 360. I simply cannot count the seconds that have passed since the last time I played Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, that has to be one of the […]

What Has This Generation of Consoles Accomplished?

by Jeff Smithon November 4, 2011
Since its inception, the video game has advanced far beyond a ball and a paddle. Nearly every game that is released today would have been impossible on yesterday’s hardware, but those advances have started to slow recently. Many of this generation’s most impressive games could have been developed for the Playstation 2 and would still […]

Revan: Preview Two Chapters of the Novel

by Jennifer Kibbleon November 4, 2011
Have you ever played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and ever wondered what happened to Revan after the credits? On November 15th, you will find out via Drew Karpyshyn’s novel, simply titled Revan. Two chapters of this novel are out and available for your eyes to read if you wish. Chapter Three Chapter […]


Hitman Absolution: Run For Your Life Director Commentary

by Breezyon November 4, 2011
Last week we were treated to a 16 minute gameplay trailer featuring the infamous Agent 47 from the Hitman franchise and today we are treated with some developer commentary over that original video.  In the video below, both of the game’s developers go over key game play elements that might not have been so apparent […]

Playstation Home Receives a Massive Update

by Breezyon November 4, 2011
Playstation Home (PS Home) today received a massive update. PS Home in my opinion was a great idea initially, but it has fallen a long way. During it’s initial release people flocked to it and played all the mini games , traveled to all the areas, and watched all the in-home movies. After that was done a majority of people asked themselves “Why”. […]


No Shame November: Why trophies make you do bad things

by Jasdeep Sahotaon November 4, 2011
Trophies are horrible. Before this generation, simply finishing a game was achievement enough. Today however, gamers seem to be placing more and more of an emphasis on post-game completionism and that much-vaunted “100%” stat. The thing is, trophies and achievements aren’t real. Your gamerscore/trophy count doesn’t exist- it’s simply a number that accumulates on a […]

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Origin Trailer

by Jennifer Kibbleon November 4, 2011
Skyward Sword is the newest game in the Legend of Zelda series. It will be releasing on the 20th of November for the Wii. This is a prequel to Ocarina of Time, with Link being born and raised on a group of floating islands known as Skyloft. Check out the latest trailer for this Wii […]

How Large will Grand Theft Auto V be

by Jennifer Kibbleon November 4, 2011
The replay value for any GTA game is always great. Most don’t even touch the maim story of the game until after they’ve messed around in the open world first. Just how long and large will GTA 5 really be? We are very proud to officially announce that Grand Theft Auto V is in full […]


San Andreas vs GTA V

by Jennifer Kibbleon November 4, 2011
Without a doubt the excitement for the latest Grand Theft Auto game is truly in the air. Gamers are blowing the dust off of older installments just to get the feel of what it is like to be in a GTA environment once again, all while waiting patiently for anything GTA 5 related. Fans of […]

Update: Kmart Fires the First Shot, Sells Modern Warfare 3 Early

by Ben Runningson November 4, 2011
Apparently some Kmart stores accidently sold copies of Modern Warfare 3 early! And while most people might spend the rest of the day playing one of the most anticipated titles of the year, others have gone to eBay to make a quick buck. Granted, the game is going for over $100 so it a good […]

Cannibalism, Werewolves in Skyrim

by Jennifer Kibbleon November 3, 2011
There’s been a rumor floating around that Werewolves will have a role in Skyrim. Oblivion had vampires so why not werewolves in Skyrim? It is unclear if your character can become a werewolf or if you will encounter a group of them in the game, but we should know for sure on the 11th of […]

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