Zombie Burst Bursts Onto iPhone For Free Today Only

by Matthew Gonzales-Landryon June 26, 2012
iOS users are somewhat familiar with zombie-killing games as of now. From Plants v.s. Zombies to Zombies Run! to Call of Duty: Zombies, there is a zombie game for every application that is on the AppStore, it seems like.

10 Tumblr Blogs Every Gamer Should Follow

by Katerina Perichon June 26, 2012
Ah Tumblr, everyone’s favorite microblogging platform. From pictures to audio, and embedded video, Tumblr has really become a  great source to find a lot of cool things, especially for gamers. Since we’ve expanded onto Tumblr, we’ve come across some great blogs that we believe you, as techies, nerds, and gamers, should be following!  Check out our list […]


The Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection Zombies Waddle Their Way to PSN

by Luis Mendezon June 26, 2012
Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection will be available for digital download on the North American PlayStation Store starting today. The collection will include both The Umbrella Chronicles and The Darkside Chronicles and will be going for $26.99.

Team Fortress 2 | Pyromania Has Begun!

by Luis Mendezon June 26, 2012
Pyromania has been kicked off by the Team Fortress 2 team over at Valve. Pyromania will be a 3 day celebration that will feature the reveal of new game features for TF2, among them being new game modes.

Do Macs Have What it Takes to Ding into the Mainstream Gaming Market?

by Matthew Gonzales-Landryon June 26, 2012
Hi, my name is Matthew, and I write for a website that covers a multi-billion dollar industry. The amount of games that are developed and published is nothing short of amazing. The gaming scene is quite saturated with consoles and handhelds to mess around with.


Amazon Gold Box Games Deals on the 26th

by William Harmonon June 26, 2012
So you guys use Amazon.com, right? Everyone uses Amazon. There is almost no reason to shop anywhere else. Especially not tomorrow. You see, tomorrow, the 26th, customers who have shown interest in video games via their purchasing history should take special notice that the 26th Gold Box event will feature video game products. All day. […]
NBA 2K13 cover

NBA 2K13 Teaser Pic Revealed, Cover To Be Revealed Soon (Update!)

by Chris Calasahanon June 26, 2012
Recently, 2K Sports started a campaign to uncover the next edition of the most popular and successful basketball franchise.   This involved having fans tweeting their thoughts regarding who they wanted to be on the cover of NBA 2k13 with the hashtag #UNCOVERNBA2K.  Each tweet would slowly reveal a photo teasing of who exactly the cover athlete was […]

comic shelf

How to Save Money While Collecting Comics

by Greg DeVrieson June 26, 2012
Collecting and reading comics, like any other hobby, requires a fair bit of a monetary investment. However, the great thing about comics is that you can spend as much as you’re willing to, and there isn’t really an initial start up cost, like there is with something like video games (cost for system, TV, games, […]

Far Cry 3 Gets New Release Date

by Jason Chestnuton June 26, 2012
Ubisoft has announced that they have updated the release for Far Cry 3.

Get Ready tokidoki’s Fall 2012 Clothing Line is Almost Here!

by 8 Bit Briton June 25, 2012
Go check out and see what tokidoki can do for your Fall 2012 "Fanatical Fashion" look.

DOA5_logo_RGB_fix_r (Custom)

Dead Or Alive 5 Collector’s Edition and Preorder Bonuses Announced

by Logan Myeron June 25, 2012
Calling all fighters! Tecmo Koei has revealed the Collector’s Edition for their upcoming game Dead or Alive 5. Alongside this Collector’s Edition we have been told what you can expect for some preorder incentives to reserving your copy of Dead or Alive 5.

Warframe – Reserve Your Alias Now

by Luis Mendezon June 25, 2012
The upcoming Free-to-Play game from Digital Extremes got a stopped motion trailer released today. You can check out the trailer down below.

Django Unchained International Trailer Leaves Us Wanting More

by Breezyon June 25, 2012
I’ve been a fan of Jamie Foxx for some time now, and I have to admit I was started to miss his funny antics on the big screen. But when I found out he was going to be playing the role of Django in Django Unchained, my brain short circuited for a moment before I […]

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